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Verbs that Start with N

We found 211 Verbs that start with N.  You can add your own verbs that start with N in the comments box.

Verbs that start with Na

Nab, Naff, Nag, Naggle, Nail, Nail Someone Down, Nail Something Down, Name, Name-call, Namecheck, Name-drop, Name Someone/something After, Namierize, Nannify, Nanny, Nap, Napalm, Narcotize, Nark, Narrate, Narrativize, Narrow, Narrowcast, Narrow Something Down, Nasalize, Nastify, Nationalize, Nativize, Natter, Naturalize, Nauseate, Navigate, Naysay, Nazify

Verbs that start with Ne

Neap, Near, Nearshore, Neaten, Nebulize, Necessitate, Neck, Necklace, Neck-rein, Necrose, Necrotize, Nectarize, Neeb, Need, Needle, Needlepoint, Neeze, Negate, Negative, Neglect, Negotiate, Neicher, Neigh, Neighbour, Neologize, Neotenize, Nephrectomize, Nerf, Nerve, Nesslerize, Nest, Nestle, Net, Netcast, Nettle, Network, Neuroticize, Neurotize, Neuter, Neutralize, Nevel, New-broom, New-create, New-dress, New Englandize, New-furnish, New-mint, New-model, New-set, New Zealandize

Verbs that start with Ni

Nibble, Nicefy, Niche, Nicher, Nick, Nickel, Nickel-and-dime, Nickel-plate, Nicker, Nickname, Nicotinize, Nictate, Niddle, Nidify, Nid-nod, Niff, Niffer, Niffle, Nigerianize, Niggle, Night-drive, Night-fly, Night-herd, Night-stop, Night-walk, Nigrify, Nip, Nipponize, Nirl, Nither, Nitpick, Nitrate, Nitride, Nitrify, Nitrogenate, Nitrogenize, Nitro-prove, Nitrosate, Nitrosylate, Nitto, Nivel, Nix

Verbs that start with No

No-ball, Nobble, Nobilitate, No-bill, Noblify, Nock, Noctambulate, Noctivagate, Nod, Nodalize, Noddle, Nod Off, Nodulate, Nodulize, No-hit, Noint, Noise, Nolle Pros, Nom, Nomadize, Nomenclate, Nominalize, Nominate, Non-answer, Non-concur, Non-conform, Non-cooperate, Non-intervene, Nonplus, Nonsuit, Non-unionize, Noodge, Noodle, Noose, No-platform, Norate, Norm, Normalize, Normanize, Northernize, Nose, Nosedive, Nose-ride, Nosh, Nostrificate, Nosy, Nosy Park, Nota Bene, Notarize, Notate, Notch, Notch-girdle, Note, Notice, Notify, Nounize, Nourish, Novate, Novelize

Verbs that start with Nu

Nuance, Nuclearize, Nucleate, Nudge, Nug, Nuke, Null, Nullify, Numb, Number, Number-crunch, Nunchuck, Nuptialize, Nurse, Nursemaid, Nursery-maid, Nursle, Nurture, Nuse, Nut, Nutate, Nutmeg, Nutrify, Nuzzle

Verbs that start with Ny

Nyah-nyah, Nyam


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