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Verbs that start with L | Verbs starting with L


Verbs that Start with L

We found 372 Verbs that start with L.  You can add your own verbs that start with L in the comments box. 

Verbs that start with La

Laager, Label, Labialize, Labour, Labour Under, Lace, Lace Into, Lacerate, Lack, Lackey, Lacquer, Lacquey, Lactate, Ladder, Lade, Ladle, Ladyfy, Lag, Laicize, Lair, Laissez Vibrer, Lam, Lamb, Lambaste, Lame, Lament, Laminate, Lamp, Lampoon, Lance, Land, Landfill, Landscape, Land Up, Land Up With, Languish, Lap, Lapidify, Lapse, Lap-weld, Lard, Larf, Large, Largen, Lark, Larn, Larrup, Lase, Laser, Lash, Lash Down, Lash Out, Lasso, Last, Latch, Latch On, Latch On To, Late Cut, Laten, Lateralize, Lateritize, Laterize, Late-tackle, Lath, Lathe, Lather, Latinize, Laud, Laugh, Launch, Launch Into, Launch Out, Launder, Laurel, Lave, Lavender, Lavish, Lawyer, Lay, Lay About, Layer, Layer Cut, Lay Into, Lay Off, Lay Over, Lay Someone Off, Lay Someone Out, Lay Someone Up, Lay Something Aside, Lay Something Down, Lay Something In/up, Lay Something Off, Lay Something On, Lay Something Out, Lay Something Up, Lay Up, Laze

Verbs that start with Le

Leach, Lead, Lead Someone On, Lead Up To, Leaf, Leaflet, League, Leaguer, Leak, Lean, Lean On, Lean To/towards, Leap, Leapfrog, Learn, Lease, Leash, Leather, Leave, Leaven, Leave Off, Leave Someone/something Out, Lech, Lecture, Ledger, Leech, Leer, Left-click, Left-justify, Leg, Legalize, Legendize, Leggo, Legionize, Legislate, Legitimate, Legitimatize, Legitimize, Leister, Lek, Lemmatize, Lend, Lengthen, Lenite, Lepak, Leperize, Lessen, Lesson, Let, Let Down, Let On, Let Oneself In For, Let Out, Let Someone Down, Let Someone In, Let Someone In On/into, Let Someone Off, Let Someone Out, Let Something Down, Let Something Into, Let Something Off, Let Something Out, Letter, Letter Box, Let Up, Levant, Level, Level Up, Lever, Leverage, Levigate, Levitate, Levy, Lexicalize

Verbs that start with Li

Liaise, Libel, Liberalize, Liberate, Librate, License, Licht, Lick, Lie, Lie Ahead, Lie Around/about, Lie Behind, Lie In, Lie Off, Lie Over, Lie To, Lie Up, Lie With, Lifecast, Liferent, Life-save, Life-test, Lift, Lift Off, Lig, Ligate, Ligature, Light, Lighten, Light Into, Light Out, Light Up, Lignify, Like, Liken, Lilt, Limber, Limbo, Lime, Limewash, Limit, Limitate, Limn, Limp, Line, Linearize, Line Dance, Line-manage, Line Out, Line Someone/something Up, Line Something Out, Linger, Lingualize, Linish, Link, Lionize, Lip, Lip-read, Lip-sync, Liquate, Liquefy, Liquidate, Liquidize, Liquor, Lisp, List, Listen, Listen In, Lit, Literalize, Literatize, Lithify, Litho, Lithograph, Lithotomize, Litigate, Litter, Live, Live Blog, Liven, Live Off (Or On), Live Something Down, Live Something Out, Live Stream, Live Together, Live-tweet, Live Up To, Live With, Lixiviate

Verbs that start with Lo

Load, Loaf, Loan, Loathe, Lob, Lobby, Lobotomize, Lobster, Localize, Locate, Lock, Lock On To, Lock Someone/something In (Or Into), Lock Someone Down, Lock Someone Out, Lock Someone Out Of, Lock Someone Up (Or Away), Lock Something Up (Also Lock Up), Lockspit, Locomote, Loco-spot, Lodge, Loft, Log, Log In (Or On), Log Off (Or Out), Loiter, Lol, Loll, Lollop, Lollygag, Long, Longlist, Long-splice, Looder, Look, Look After, Look Back, Look Back At/on, Look Down On, Look Forward To, Look In, Lookit, Look On, Look Out, Look Someone Up, Look Something Out, Look Something Up, Look Up, Look Up To, Loom, Loon, Loop, Loophole, Loose, Loosen, Loosen Up, Loot, Lop, Lope, Loquitur, Lord, Lose, Lose Out, Lost, Lot, Lotus-eat, Louden, Lounge, Loup, Louse, Love, Lovelify, Low, Lowball, Low-bridge, Lower, Low-five, Low-fly, Lown, Low-rate, Lowside

Verbs that start with Lu

Lube, Lubricate, Luck, Lucubrate, Luff, Lug, Luge, Lull, Lullaby, Lumber, Luminesce, Lump, Lunch, Lunge, Lurch, Lure, Lurk, Lurve, Lush, Lust, Lustrate, Lute, Lutheranize, Luv, Luxate, Luxuriate

Verbs that start with Ly

Lying, Lynch, Lyophilize, Lyse



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