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Verbs that Start with M

We found 831 Verbs that start with M.  You can add your own verbs that start with M in the comments box.

Verbs that start with Ma

Maa, Macarize, Mace, Macerate, Macgyver, Machinate, Machine, Machine Gun, Machine-stitch, Machine-wash, Maculate, Mad, Madden, Made, Maderize, Maffick, Maffle, Mag, Magadize, Maggle, Magic, Magnaflux, Magnetize, Magnify, Magnoperate, Magyarize, Mahoganize, Mail, Mail Bomb, Mailshot, Maim, Main Line, Mainstream, Maintain, Maizel, Major, Majorize, Major-mitchell, Make, Make After, Make Away With, Make-believe, Makee, Make For, Make Off, Make Off With, Make Out, Make Someone/something Out, Make Someone Over, Make Someone Up, Make Something Of, Make Something Over, Make Something Up, Make Up, Make Up To, Make With, Maladminister, Malahack, Malaxate, Malayanize, Malaysianize, Malfunction, Malign, Malinger, Malky, Malleableize, Malleate, Malt, Malthusianize, Maltreat, Mamaguy, Mambo, Mammock, Man, Manacle, Manage, Manchesterize, Mandate, Manducate, Manent, Mang, Mangle, Manhandle, Manhattanize, Man-haul, Manicure, Manifest, Manipulate, Mank, Man-manage, Man-mark, Mannerize, Manoeuvre, Manorialize, Man-pack, Man-rate, Mansplain, Manswear, Mant, Mantelshelf, Mantle, Manufacture, Manumise, Manumit, Man Up, Manure, Maorify, Map, Map-read, Map Something Out, Mar, Marage, Maraud, Marble, Marbleize, Marcel, March, Marcot, Mardle, Margin, Marginalize, Marginate, Marinade, Marinate, Marinize, Mark, Market, Marketize, Market Test, Mark Something Down, Mark Something Up, Marl, Marlock, Marmalize, Marmorealize, Maroon, Marouflage, Marry, Marshal, Marsupialize, Martyr, Martyrize, Marvel, Marver, Marxize, Marzipan, Masculate, Masculinize, Mase, Mash, Mash Something Up, Mask, Mason, Masquerade, Mass, Massacre, Massage, Mass-balance, Mass-customize, Massify, Mass Market, Mass-observe, Mass-produce, Mast, Master, Masterbatch, Mastermind, Masthead, Masticate, Masturbate, Mat, Match, Matchmake, Match Someone With, Match Up To, Mate, Materialize, Maternalize, Maternize, Mathematicize, Mathematize, Matriculate, Matronize, Matt, Matte, Matter, Mattify, Maturate, Mature, Maudle, Maugre, Maul, Maun, Maunder, Mauvais Langue, Max, Maximate, Maximize, May, Maze

Verbs that start with Mc

Mc, Mcdonaldize, Mcluhanize

Verbs that start with Me

Mealy-mouth, Mean, Meander, Means Test, Measure, Mechanicalize, Mechanize, Medal, Meddle, Medevac, Mediate, Mediatize, Medicalize, Medicate, Medievalize, Mediocritize, Meditate, Mediterraneanize, Medley, Medullate, Meech, Mee-maw, Meet, Meet-cute, Megaphone, Melanize, Meld, Meliorate, Meliorize, Mell, Meller, Mellow, Melodize, Melodramatize, Melt, Melt Down, Melt Something Down, Melt-spin, Memorate, Memorialize, Memorize, Menace, Mend, Mendelize, Menstruate, Mensurate, Mentalize, Mention, Mentor, Mercerize, Merchandise, Mercurate, Mercurialize, Mercy-kill, Merge, Merit, Merrymake, Mesh, Mesmerize, Mess, Mess About/around, Mess About/around With, Message, Messenger, Mess Someone About/around, Mess Someone Up, Mess Something Up, Mess Up, Mess With, Metabolize, Metagrobolize, Metal, Metalate, Metallide, Metallize, Metamorphize, Metamorphose, Metamorphosize, Metanalyse, Metaphorize, Metaphrase, Metaphysicize, Metasomatize, Metastasize, Metathesize, Mete, Metempsychose, Meter, Meter-park, Methanate, Methinks, Method-act, Methodize, Methylate, Metricate, Metricize, Metrify, Metrize, Metropolitanize, Mew, Mewl, Mexicanize, Mezzotint

Verbs that start with Mi

Miaow, Miaul, Mickey-take, Microcard, Microchip, Microcook, Microcopy, Microdose, Microencapsulate, Microfiche, Microfilm, Microgenerate, Microinject, Microlens, Micromanage, Microminiaturize, Micronize, Micropropagate, Micropublish, Micropulverize, Microwave, Micro-weld, Micturate, Middle, Midnight Requisition, Midwife, Miff, Might, Migrate, Mihi, Mike, Mildew, Militarize, Militate, Milk, Mill, Mill-doll, Milsey, Mime, Mimeograph, Mimeo-stencil, Mimic, Mince, Mind, Mind-blow, Mindfuck, Mind-meld, Mind-read, Mind-trip, Mine, Mineralize, Mingle, Mingle-mangle, Miniate, Miniature, Miniaturize, Minify, Minimalize, Minimize, Minister, Ministrate, Minor, Minorize, Mint, Minuet, Minute, Mirandize, Mirate, Mire, Mirken, Mirl, Mirr, Mirror, Mirror-write, Misaccept, Misaccount, Misaddress, Misadjust, Misadvise, Misagree, Misaim, Misalign, Misallocate, Misally, Misanswer, Misanthropize, Misapply, Misappreciate, Misapprehend, Misappropriate, Misarrange, Misassign, Misattribute, Misaward, Misbaptize, Misbehave, Misbelieve, Misbestow, Misbind, Misbrand, Miscalculate, Miscalibrate, Miscall, Miscarry, Miscast, Miscatalogue, Miscegenate, Miscertify, Mischarge, Mischieve, Mischoose, Mischristen, Miscite, Misclaim, Misclass, Misclassify, Miscode, Miscolour, Miscommunicate, Miscomprehend, Miscompute, Misconceit, Misconceive, Misconclude, Misconduct, Misconfigure, Misconstruct, Misconstrue, Misconvert, Misconvey, Miscook, Miscopy, Miscorrect, Miscounsel, Miscount, Miscreate, Miscredit, Miscue, Misdate, Misdeal, Misdeliver, Misderive, Misdescribe, Misdiagnose, Misdial, Misdirect, Misdistribute, Misdivide, Misdo, Misdoubt, Misdraw, Miseducate, Misemploy, Misenter, Misesteem, Misestimate, Misexplain, Misexpound, Misexpress, Misfare, Misfield, Misfigure, Misfile, Misfire, Misfold, Misform, Misgauge, Misgender, Misgive, Misgovern, Misguess, Misguggle, Misguide, Mishandle, Mishappen, Mishear, Mishit, Mishook, Misidentify, Misimagine, Misincorporate, Misinfer, Misinform, Misinstruct, Misinterpret, Misjoin, Misjudge, Miskey, Miskick, Misknow, Mislabel, Mislay, Mislead, Mislearn, Mislest, Mislike, Misline, Mislippen, Mislive, Mislocalize, Mislocate, Mislodge, Mismake, Mismanage, Mismark, Mismarket, Mismarry, Mismatch, Mismate, Mismay, Mismean, Mismeasure, Mismetre, Misname, Misnome, Misnote, Misnumber, Misnurture, Misobserve, Misorder, Misorient, Misorientate, Mispair, Mispay, Misperceive, Misperform, Misplace, Misplant, Misplay, Misplead, Misplease, Mispoint, Misportray, Mispraise, Misprice, Misprint, Misprize, Mispronounce, Mispunctuate, Misquote, Misrate, Misread, Misrecall, Misreckon, Misrecognize, Misrecollect, Misregister, Misrelate, Misremember, Misrender, Misrepeat, Misreport, Misrepresent, Misroute, Misrule, Miss, Mis-see, Mis-sell, Missend, Mis-serve, Mis-set, Misshape, Missionarize, Missionate, Missionize, Missort, Misspeak, Misspell, Misspend, Miss Someone/something Out, Misstate, Misstyle, Missuit, Mist, Mistake, Misteach, Mistell, Misterm, Misthrow, Mistime, Mistitle, Mist-net, Mistrack, Mistranslate, Mistreat, Mistrust, Mistry, Mistune, Mistype, Misunderstand, Misuse, Misvalue, Misword, Miswrite, Mitch, Mither, Mithridatize, Mitigate, Mitose, Mitre, Mittle, Mix, Mix Something Up, Mizzle

Verbs that start with Mo

Mnemonize, Moan, Moat, Mob, Mobilize, Mob-stock, Mock, Mocker, Mod, Modalize, Model, Modelize, Mode-lock, Modem, Moderate, Modernize, Modify, Modularize, Modulate, Modulize, Moenie, Mogue, Mohammedanize, Moider, Moil, Moisten, Moistify, Moisturize, Mole-drain, Molest, Mollify, Mollock, Mollycoddle, Monachize, Monarchize, Monasticize, Mondayize, Monetarize, Monetize, Mongolize, Mongrelize, Monish, Monitor, Monkey, Monkey Wrench, Monobrominate, Monochlorinate, Monochromate, Monochromatize, Monogamize, Monogram, Monograph, Monologize, Monologuize, Monomerize, Monomethylate, Monophthongize, Monopolize, Monosyllabize, Monotonize, Monster, Monsterfy, Monumentalize, Moo, Mooch, Moodle, Mool, Moon, Moonball, Moonlight, Moonstomp, Moonwalk, Moor, Moot, Mop, Mope, Mop Something Up (Also Mop Up), Moralize, Morcellate, Mordant, Morph, Morphologize, Morse, Morselize, Mortalize, Mortar, Mortarize, Mortgage, Mortify, Mortise, Mosaic, Mosey, Mosh, Mosker, Moss, Mothball, Mother, Mothproof, Motion, Motivate, Motor, Motor-bicycle, Motorize, Mottle, Mouch, Mould, Moulder, Moult, Moulter, Mound, Mount, Mountainboard, Mourn, Mouse, Mouse-click, Mousetrap, Mousse, Mouth, Mouth Off, Move, Move Along, Move Away, Move In, Move In On, Move Off, Move On (Or Move Someone On), Move Out (Or Move Someone Out), Move Over (Or Aside), Move Up, Mow, Mow Someone Down

Verbs that start with Mu

Mucify, Muck, Muck About/around, Muck About/around With, Muck In, Muckrake, Muck Someone About/around, Muck Something Up, Muck Up, Muddify, Muddle, Muddle Something Up, Muddle Through, Muddy, Mudge, Mud-sling, Mud-wrestle, Muff, Muff-dive, Muffle, Mug, Mulch, Mulct, Mull, Mullenize, Muller, Mulligrub, Multicast, Multicoat, Multilateralize, Multimerize, Multi-occupy, Multiplex, Multiplicate, Multiply, Multitask, Multithread, Multitrack, Mum, Mumble, Mumble-jumble, Mummify, Mump, Mun, Munch, Mung, Municipalize, Munition, Murder, Mure, Murmell, Murmur, Murr, Murther, Muscle, Muscle In/into, Muscle Up, Muscularize, Muse, Museumize, Mush, Mushroom, Musicalize, Muslimize, Muss, Must, Musta, Muster, Muster Someone In (Or Out), Mustify, Muta, Mutagenize, Mutarotate, Mutate, Mute, Mutilate, Mutiny, Mutter, Mutualize, Mux, Muzzle

Verbs that start with Mw


Verbs that start with My

Myelinate, Mylonitize, Mysticize, Mystify, Mythicize, Mythify, Mythologize, Mythopoetize


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