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Verbs that start with F | Verbs starting with F


Verbs that Start with F

We found 499 Verbs that start with F.  You can add your own verbs that start with F in the comments box. 

Verbs that start with Fa

Fab, Fable, Fabricate, Fabulate, Face, Facebook, Face-harden, Face Off, Facepalm, Face Plant, Face Swap, Facilitate, Facsimile, Fact-check, Fact-find, Factionalize, Factionate, Factioneer, Factor, Factor-analyse, Factorize, Factor Something In (Or Out), Fade, Faff, Fag, Faggot, Fail, Faint, Fair, Fake, Fall, Fall About, Fall Apart (Or To Pieces), Fall Back, Fall Back On, Fall Behind, Fall Down, Fallen, Fall For, Fall In, Fall In With, Fall On (Or Upon), Fall Out, Fallow, Fall Through, Fall To, False Card, Falsify, Falter, Familiarize, Famish, Fan, Fanaticize, Fanboy, Fancy, Fang, Fangirl, Fankle, Fanny, Fantasize, Fantasticate, Fantasy, Fap, Fare, Farewell, Farm, Farrow, Fart, Fascinate, Fascistize, Fash, Fashion, Fast, Fasten, Fast Forward, Fast-talk, Fast Track, Fat, Fate, Fat Finger, Father, Fathom, Fatigue, Fat-mouth, Fat-shame, Fatten, Fault, Favour, Favourite, Fawn, Fax, Faze

Verbs that start with Fe

Fear, Feast, Feather, Feather Bed, Feather Cut, Feather Stitch, Feature, Fecundate, Federalize, Federate, Fee, Feed, Feed Back, Feed Out, Feel, Feign, Feint, Felch, Felicitate, Fell, Fellate, Fellmonger, Felt, Femininize, Feminize, Fence, Fend, Ferberize, Ferment, Ferret, Ferruminate, Ferry, Fertilize, Fess, Fester, Festoon, Fetch, Fetch Up, Fete, Fetishize, Fetter, Fettle, Feu, Feud, Feudalize, Fever

Verbs that start with Fi

Fianchetto, Fib, Fibrillate, Fictionalize, Fiddle, Fiddle-faddle, Fidget, Field, Field-dress, Field-strip, Field Test, Fife, Fig, Fight, Fight Someone/something Off, Figure, Figure On, Figure Skate, Figure Someone Out, Figure Something Out, Filch, File, Filibuster, Filk, Fill, Fillet, Fill In, Fillip, Fill Out, Fill Someone In, Fill Something In, Fill Something Out, Film, Filmize, Filmset, Filter, Filter-feed, Filthify, Filtrate, Fin, Finagle, Finalize, Finance, Find, Find Against, Find For (Or Find In Favour Of), Find Someone Out, Find Something Out (Or Find Out About Something), Fine, Fine-axe, Fine-comb, Fine-draw, Finesse, Fine-tune, Finger, Finger-comb, Finger-dry, Finger Paint, Fingerpick, Finger-point, Finger-pop, Fingerprint, Fingerspell, Fingle, Finish, Finish With, Fink, Finlandize, Fire, Firebomb, Fire-cure, Fire-fang, Fire-hollow, Fire-hunt, Fire-polish, Fireproof, Firewall, Firewatch, Firm, First-foot, Fish, Fishtail, Fisk, Fission, Fissle, Fissure, Fist, Fist Bump, Fist Pump, Fit, Fit In, Fit Someone/something In (Or Into), Fit Someone/something Out (Or Up), Fit Someone Up, Fix, Fixate, Fizz, Fizzle

Verbs that start with Fl

Flabbergast, Flack, Flag, Flagellate, Flail, Flake, Flambé, Flame, Flame Out, Flameproof, Flank, Flannel, Flap, Flare, Flash, Flash-freeze, Flash-fry, Flash Over, Flat, Flat Iron, Flatline, Flat-pack, Flatten, Flatten Out, Flatter, Flaunt, Flavour, Flaw, Flay, Fleck, Fledge, Flee, Fleece, Fleer, Fleet, Flense, Flesh, Fletch, Flex, Flick, Flicker, Flick Through, Flight, Flight Test, Flimflam, Flinch, Fling, Flip, Flip-flop, Flip Through, Flirt, Flit, Flitter, Float, Flob, Flocculate, Flock, Flog, Flood, Floodlight, Floor, Flop, Floruit, Floss, Flounce, Flounder, Flour, Flourish, Flout, Flow, Flower, Flub, Fluctuate, Flue-cure, Fluff, Fluidify, Fluidize, Fluke, Flummox, Flump, Flunk, Fluoresce, Fluoridate, Fluoridize, Fluorinate, Flurry, Flush, Fluster, Flute, Flutter, Flux, Fly, Fly At, Fly-fish, Fly Kick, Fly-post, Fly-tip

Verbs that start with Fo

Foal, Foam, Fob, Focalize, Focus, Fodder, Fog, Foil, Foist, Fold, Foliate, Follow, Follow On, Follow Something Through, Follow Something Up, Follow Through, Foment, Fondle, Fool, Fooster, Foot, Footer, Foot Fault, Footle, Footnote, Footslog, Footwalk, Foozle, Forage, Foray, Forbear, Forbid, Force, Force-feed, Force-land, Force Oneself On/upon, Force Someone Out, Force Something Down, Force Something On/upon, Ford, Fordo, Forearm, Forebode, Forecast, Forecheck, Foreclose, Foredoom, Foregather, Forego, Foregone, Foreground, Forejudge, Foreknow, Foreordain, Forerun, Foresee, Foreshadow, Foreshorten, Foreshow, Forest, Forestall, Foretell, Foretoken, Forewarn, Forfeit, Forfend, Forge, Forge Ahead, Forget, Forgive, Forgo, Fork, Forklift, Fork Something Out (Or Over Or Up), Form, Formalize, Format, Formularize, Formulate, Fornicate, Forsake, Forswear, Fortify, Forward, Fossick, Fossilate, Fossilify, Fossilize, Foster, Foul, Foul Something Up (Or Foul Up), Found, Founder, Fountain, Four Flush, Fox, Foxtrot

Verbs that start with Fr

Frack, Fractionalize, Fractionate, Fracture, Frag, Fragment, Frame, Frame-grab, Franchise, Francize, Frank, Frap, Fratch, Fraternize, Fray, Frazzle, Freak, Freak Dance, Freckle, Free, Free-associate, Freebase, Freeboot, Free Climb, Freecycle, Free Fall, Free-float, Free-fly, Freelance, Freeline, Free-list, Freeload, Free-quarter, Freeride, Free-run, Free-select, Free-spool, Freestyle, Freewheel, Freeze, Freeze-dry, Freeze-frame, Freeze On To, Freeze Someone Out, Freight, Frenchify, Frenchize, French Polish, Frequent, Fresco, Freshen, Freshen Something Up, Freshen Up, Fret, Fricassee, Fried, Friend, Friend Zone, Frig, Frig About/around, Fright, Frighten, Fringe, Frisk, Frit, Fritter, Frivol, Frizz, Frizzle, Frogmarch, Frolic, Front, Front-load, Frost, Frost-fix, Frost-nail, Frostnip, Froth, Frown, Frowst, Fructify, Frug, Fruit, Frustrate, Fry

Verbs that start with Ft


Verbs that start with Fu

Fuck, Fuck (Something) Up, Fuck About (Or Around), Fuck Off, Fuck Someone Around (Or About), Fuck Someone Off, Fuck Someone Over, Fuck Someone Up, Fuddle, Fudge, Fuel, Fulfil, Fulgurate, Full, Full-bring, Full-charge, Fuller, Fullock, Fulminate, Fumble, Fume, Fumigate, Fun, Function, Fund, Fundraise, Funk, Funnel, Fur, Furbelow, Furbish, Furcate, Furl, Furlough, Furnish, Furrow, Further, Fuse, Fusillade, Fuss, Future-proof, Futz, Fuzz



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