Verbs that start with A| Verbs starting with A


Verbs that Start with A

We found 613 Verbs that start with A.  You can add your own verbs that start with A in the comments box.  If they rock the will become part of the list.

A, Aah,

Verbs that Start with Ab

Abacinate, Aband, Abandon, Abase, Abash, Abate, Abbreviate, Abdicate, Abduce, Abduct, Abear, Aberrate, Aberuncate, Abet, Abey, Abhor, Abide, Abilitate, Abjudicate, Abjugate, Abjure, Ablate, Abligate, Ablude, Ablute, Abmigrate, Abnegate, Abnormalize, Abode, Abolish, Abolitionize, Abominate, Aborn, Aborning, Abort, Abound, About-turn, Abrade, Abrase, Abreact, Abridge, Abrogate, Abscind, Abscise, Absciss, Abscond, Abseil, Absent, Absolutize, Absolve, Absorb, Absquatulate, Abstain, Absterge, Absterse, Abstract, Abstrict, Abuse, Abut, Abye

Verbs that Start with Ac

Academicize, Academize, Accede, Accelerate, Accent, Accentuate, Accept, Access, Accession, Accessorize, Acclaim, Acclimate, Acclimatize, Accommodate, Accommode, Accompany, Accomplish, Accord, Accost, Accouche, Account, Account For, Accouple, Accoutre, Accredit, Accreditate, Accresce, Accrete, Accroach, Accrue, Accrust, Acculturate, Acculture, Acculturize, Accumulate, Accurize, Accurse, Accuse, Accustom, Ace, Acerbate, Acetify, Acetylate, Ache, Achieve, Achoo, Achromatize, Acidify, Acidize, Acidulate, Acknowledge, Acquaint, Acquiesce, Acquihire, Acquire, Acquit, Acronymize, Act, Action, Actionize, Activate, Actor-manage, Actualize, Actuate, Act Up, Acuate, Acupunctuate, Acylate

Verbs that Start with Ad

Adapt, Adaptate, Add, Addle, Address, Adduce, Adduct, Add Up, Add Up To, Adeem, Adempt, Adhere, Adhibit, Adhorn, Adhort, Adiate, Adject, Adjectivize, Adjoin, Adjourn, Adjudge, Adjudicate, Adjure, Adjust, Adlect, Ad Lib, Admarginate, Admeasure, Administer, Administrate, Admire, Admit, Admix, Admixt, Admonish, Adnumber, Adolesce, Adonize, Adopt, Adore, Adorn, Adornate, Adpress, Adrenalectomize, Adrenalize, Adrogate, Adscribe, Adsignify, Adsorb, Adstipulate, Adulate, Adult, Adulter, Adulterate, Adulterize, Adumber, Adumbrate, Advance, Advantage, Advect, Advene, Adventure, Adverbialize, Advert, Advertise, Advise, Advocate, Advoke, Adze

Verbs that Start with Ae

Aerate, Aerify, Aerobat, Aerobicize, Aerobrake, Aerosolize, Aestheticize, Aestivate

Verbs that Start with Af

Afear, Affect, Affeer, Affeir, Affiance, Affiche, Afficher, Affiliate, Affirm, Affix, Afflate, Afflict, Afforce, Afford, Afforest, Affranchise, Affreight, Affright, Affront, Affuse, Africanize, Afrikanderize, Afrikanerize, After-chrome, Aftercool, Afterload

Verbs that Start with Ag

Again-say, Agatize, Age, Age-date, Age-harden, Agglomerate, Agglutinate, Agglutinize, Aggrade, Aggrandize, Aggravate, Aggrave, Aggregate, Aggress, Aggrieve, Agist, Agitate, Agname, Agnize, Agonize, Agrarianize, Agree

Verbs that Start with Ah


Verbs that Start with Ai

Aid, Aid-climb, Ail, Aim, Air, Airbrush, Air-condition, Air-cool, Air-cure, Air-dash, Airdrop, Air-dry, Air-express, Airfreight, Air-harden, Air-kiss, Airland, Air Layer, Airlift, Airmail, Air Mark, Air-seal, Air-season, Airt

Verbs that Start with Al

Alacrify, Alarm, Albify, Albitize, Albumenize, Alchemize, Alcoholize, Alembicate, Alert, Algebraicize, Algebraize, Alias, Alibi, Alienate, Alienize, Alight, Alighten, Alight On, Align, Aliquot, Alkalify, Alkalinize, Alkalize, Alkylate, Allaborate, Allatectomize, Allay, Allegate, Allege, Allegorize, Alleviate, Allide, Alligate, Alliterate, Allocate, Allocute, Allot, Allotransplant, Allow, Allowance, Alloy, Allude, Allumine, Allure, Alluviate, Ally, Alphabetize, Alpha Test, Alter, Alterate, Altercate, Altern, Alternate, Aluminate, Aluminize,

Verbs that Start with Am

Amalgamate, Amass, Amaze, Amble, Ambulance, Ambulate, Ambuscade, Ambush, Ameliorate, Amend, Amerce, Amerciate, Americanize, Amnesty, Amortize, Amount, Amp, Amplify, Amputate, Amuse

Verbs that Start with An

Anaesthetize, Anagrammatize, Analogize, Analyse, Anastomose, Anathematize, Anatomize, Anchor, Androgenize, Anele, Anger, Angle, Angle-park, Anglicanize, Anglicize, Anglify, Anglize, Anglo-saxonize, Anguish, Angulate, Animadvert, Animalize, Animate, Ankle, Ankylose, Anneal, Annex, Annihilate, Annotate, Announce, Annoy, Annuitize, Annul, Annunciate, Anodize, Anoint, Anonymize, Answer, Antagonize, Ante, Antecede, Antedate, Antepone, Antevert, Anthemize, Anthologize, Anthropologize, Anthropomorphitize, Anthropomorphize, Anthropomorphose, Anthropophagize, Anticipate, Antique

Verbs that Start with Ap

Ape, Apex, Aphorize, Apologize, Apostatize, Apostrophize, Apotheose, Apotheosize, Appal, Apparel, Appeal, Appear, Appease, Append, Appertain, Applaud, Applicate, Appliqué, Apply, Appoint, Apportion, Appose, Appraise, Appreciate, Apprehend, Apprentice, Appress, Apprise, Apprize, Approach, Approbate, Appropriate, Approve, Approximate

Verbs that Start with Aq

Aqualung, Aquaplane, Aquatint

Verbs that Start with Ar

Arabianize, Arabicize, Arabize, Arbitrage, Arbitrate, Arc, Arch, Archaeologize, Archaize, Archie, Architect, Archive, Arcticize, Argue, Argufy, Arise, Arithmetize, Arm, Arminianize, Armour, Arm-twist, Arm-wrestle, Aromatize, Arouse, Arpeggiate, Arraign, Arrange, Array, Arrest, Arrive, Arrogate, Arrow, Arse, Art-direct, Art Edit, Art-educate, Arterialize, Artex, Artialize, Article, Articulate, Artificialize, Artify

Verbs that Start with As

Ascend, Ascertain, Ascribe, Asexualize, Ask, Aspect, Asperse, Asphalt, Asphyxiate, Aspirate, Aspire, Assail, Assart, Assassinate, Assault, Assay, Assegai, Assemble, Assent, Assert, Assess, Asset-strip, Asseverate, Assibilate, Assign, Assimilate, Assist, Associate, Assonate, Assort, Assuage, Assume, Assure, Asterisk, Astonish, Astound, Astrogate, Astrologize, Astronomize

Verbs that Start with At

Athetize, Athleticize, Atomize, Atone, Atrophy, Attacca, Attach, Attack, Attain, Attaint, Attempt, Attend, Attenuate, Attest, Attire, Attitudinize, Attorn, Attract, Attribute, Attrit, Attune

Verbs that Start with Au

Auction, Audio Dub, Audio Tape, Audit, Audition, Augment, Augur, Auscultate, Australianize, Authenticate, Author, Authorize, Auto-activate, Auto-boot, Autoclave, Autoconfigure, Autocorrect, Autocorrelate, Auto-destruct, Autodial, Auto-enrol, Autograph, Auto-intoxicate, Autoionize, Autoland, Autolithograph, Autolyse, Automate, Automatize, Automize, Automobilize, Autonomize, Autoplay, Autopsy, Autoradiograph, Autoregulate, Autorotate, Autosave, Autosuggest, Autoswitch, Autotomize, Autotransfuse, Autotune, Autowind, Autoxidize

Verbs that Start with Av

Avail, Avail Oneself Of, Avalanche, Avenge, Aver, Average, Avert, Aviate, Avoid, Avouch, Avow, Avulse

Verbs that Start with Aw

Await, Awake, Awaken, Award, Awe

Verbs that Start with Ax

Ax, Axe, Axiomatize


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