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Verbs that Start with W

We found 357 Verbs that start with W.  You can add your own verbs that start with W in the comments box.

Verbs that stat with Wa

Wad, Waddle, Wade, Wafer, Waffle, Waft, Wag, Wage, Wager, Waggle, Wail, Wainscot, Wait, Wait List, Wait On (Or Upon), Wait Up, Waive, Wake, Waken, Walk, Walk All Over, Walk Away, Walk Away With, Walk For, Walk In On, Walk Into, Walk-march, Walk Off With, Walk Out, Walk Over, Walk Something Back, Walk Something Off, Walk Up!, Wall, Wallop, Wallow, Wallpaper, Waltz, Wander, Wane, Wangle, Wank, Want, Wanta, Wanton, Wantonize, War, Warble, Ward, Ward Someone/something Off, Warehouse, War Game, Warm, Warm Down, Warm Something Up, Warm To, Warm Up, Warn, Warn Someone Off, Warp, Warrant, Wash, Washboard, Wash Out (Or Wash Someone Out), Wash Over, Wash Something Down, Wash Something Out, Wash Up, Wassail, Waste, Watch, Watchdog, Water, Waterboard, Water-bomb, Water-cool, Water-furrow, Waterlog, Watermark, Water-pick, Waterproof, Water Ret, Water Rot, Waterski, Water-soak, Water-spot, Water-wave, Wattle, Watusi, Waul, Waulk, Wave, Waver, Wave Someone/something Down, Wave Something Aside, Wax, Wayfare, Waylay, Waymark, Wazz

Verbs that stat with We

Weaken, Weal, Wean, Weaponize, Wear, Wear Off, Wear On, Wear Someone/something Down, Wear Someone/something Out, Wear Something Out (Also Wear Out), Weary, Weasel, Weather, Weatherboard, Weathercock, Weatherize, Weatherproof, Weatherstrip, Weave, Web, Webcast, Wed, Wedge, Wee, Weed, Weekend, Ween, Weep, Wee-wee, Weigh, Weigh In, Weigh In At, Weigh Into, Weigh On, Weigh Out, Weigh Someone/something Up, Weigh Someone Down, Weight, Weight Train, Weight-watch, Weird, Welcome, Weld, Well, Well-order, Well-wish, Welly, Welsh, Welshcomb, Welshify, Welt, Welter, Wench, Wend, Wester, Westernize, Wet, Wet Lease, Wet Nurse

Verbs that stat with Wh

Whack, Whack Off, Whale, Wham, Whang, Wheech, Wheedle, Wheel, Wheel Clamp, Wheeze, Whelm, Whelp, Whet, Whicker, Whiff, Whiffle, While, Whimper, Whine, Whinge, Whinny, Whip, Whip In, Whiplash, Whip Pan, Whipsaw, Whip Someone Into, Whip Someone Up, Whip Something Up, Whipstitch, Whir, Whirl, Whisk, Whisper, Whistle, White, White-line, Whitelist, Whitemail, Whiten, White Out, White Something Out, Whitewash, Whittle, Whizz, Wholesale, Whomp, Whomp Something Up, Whoop, Whoosh, Whop, Whore, Whorl, Whump, Whup

Verbs that stat with Wi

Wibble, Wick, Widdle, Widen, Widow, Wield, Wife-hunt, Wife-swap, Wift, Wig, Wiggle, Wig Out, Wigwag, Wild, Wildcat, Wildcraft, Wilder, Wild Pitch, Wile, Will, Wilt, Wimp, Win, Wince, Winch, Wind, Wind Down, Windlass, Windmill, Window Dress, Window-gaze, Window-mount, Window-shop, Wind Someone Up, Wind Something Up, Windsurf, Wind Up, Wine, Wing, Wink, Winkle, Winnow, Winter, Winterize, Wipe, Wipe Out, Wipe Someone Out, Wipe Something Off, Wire, Wire Brush, Wire-draw, Wire-pull, Wiretap, Wire-transfer, Wirework, Wire-wrap, Wis, Wise, Wisecrack, Wish, Wit, Witch, Withdraw, Withdrawn, Wither, Withhold, Withstand, Witness, Witter, Wive

Verbs that stat with Wo

Wobble, Woke, Wolf, Wolf Whistle, Womanize, Womble, Wonder, Wont, Woo, Woodshed, Woof, Wool-gather, Word, Word-paint, Word-process, Word Up, Word-watch, Work, Work Back, Work-harden, Work Out, Work Shadow, Workshop, Work Someone Out, Work Someone Over, Work Someone Up, Work Something In, Work Something Off, Work Something Out, Work Something Up, Work To, Work Up To, Worldlify, Worm, Worn, Worrit, Worry, Worsen, Worship, Worst, Would, Wound, Woven, Wow, Wowse

Verbs that stat with Wr

Wrack, Wrangle, Wrap, Wrapped, Wrap Something Up, Wrap Up, Wreak, Wreathe, Wreck, Wrench, Wrest, Wrestle, Wriggle, Wring, Wrinkle, Writ, Write, Write-protect, Write Someone In, Write Something Down, Write Something Off, Write Something Up, Writhe, Wrong, Wrong-foot

Verbs that stat with Wu

Wuff, Wuss, Wuz


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