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Verbs that Start with V       

We found 104 Verbs that start with V.  You can add your own verbs that start with V in the comments box.

Verbs that stat with Va

Vacate, Vacation, Vaccinate, Vacillate, Vacuum, Vacuum-clean, Vacuum-pack, Vagabond, Vail, Vajazzle, Valet, Validate, Valorize, Valuate, Value, Vamoose, Vamp, Vandalize, Vanish, Vanquish, Vape, Vaporize, Vapour, Variegate, Variolate, Varnish, Vary, Vasbyt, Vascularize, Vasectomize, Vaseline, Vat, Vaticinate, Vault, Vaunt

Verbs that stat with Ve

Vector, Vectorize, Veer, Veg, Vegetablize, Vegetate, Veil, Velarize, Velcro, Vend, Veneer, Venerate, Vent, Ventilate, Ventriloquize, Venture, Verb, Verbal, Verbalize, Verge, Verify, Verminate, Vernacularize, Vernalize, Verse, Versify, Version, Verticalize, Vesicate, Vest, Vet, Veto, Vex

Verbs that stat with Vi

Vibe, Vibrate, Victimize, Victual, Vide, Video, Videocast, Video Chat, Video Grab, Videorecord, Videotape, Vie, View, Viff, Vignette, Vilify, Vindicate, Vinify, Vint, Violate, Virtualize, Virtuefy, Virtuize, Vision, Visit, Visualize, Vitalize, Vitaminize, Vitiate, Vitrify, Vituperate, Viva, Vivify, Vivisect

Verbs that stat with Vl


Verbs that stat with Vo

Vocalise, Vocalize, Vocationalize, Vociferate, Voetsak, Vogue, Voice, Voice-over, Voicespond, Void, Volatilize, Volcanize, Volley, Volplane, Volt, Voltage Clamp, Volumize, Volunteer, Vom, Vomit, Voodoo, Vote, Vouch, Voucherize, Vouchsafe, Vow, Vowelize, Voyage

Verbs that stat with Vr


Verbs that stat with Vu

Vulcanize, Vulgarize, Vuln

Verbs that stat with Vy



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