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Verbs that start with E | Verbs starting with E


Verbs that start with E

559 Verbs that start with E


Verbs that start with Ea

Eagle, Earbash, Earmark, Earn, Earn Something Out, Earnt, Ear-tag, Earth, Earthquake-proof, Earth-wire, Earwig, Ease, Eat, Eat Into, Eat Someone Up, Eat Something Away, Eat Something Up, Eavesdrop

Verbs that start with Eb

Ebay, Ebb, Ebf, Ebonize

Verbs that start with Ec

Echelon, Echo, Eclipse, Eclose, Economize, Ecotour, Ecstasize

Verbs that start with Ed

Eddy, Edge, Edge Someone Out, Edify, Edit, Editorialize, Educate, Educationize, Educe, Educt, Edulcorate

Verbs that start with Ef

Eff, Efface, Effect, Effectivate, Effectuate, Effervesce, Effleurage, Effloresce, Effuse

Verbs that start with Eg

Egest, Egg, Egosurf, Egotize, Egress, Egyptianize

Verbs that start with Ei


Verbs that start with Ej

Ejaculate, Eject,

Verbs that start with Ek

Eke, Eke out,

Verbs that start with El

Elaborate, Elapse, Elasticize, Elate, Elbow, Elect, Electioneer, Electricize, Electrify, Electrize, Electroblot, Electrocoat, Electrocute, Electrodeposit, Electrofish, Electroform, Electrolize, Electrolyse, Electronify, Electropaint, Electrophorese, Electroplate, Electropolish, Electroporate, Electro-silver, Electrotin, Electrotransfer, Electrotype, Electrowin, Elegantize, Elegize, Elevate, Elicit, Elide, Eliminate, Elongate, Elope, Elucidate, Elude, Elute, Elutriate

Verbs that start with Em

Email, Emanate, Emancipate, Emasculate, Embalm, Embank, Embargo, Embark, Embarrass, Embattle, Embay, Embed, Embellish, Embezzle, Embiggen, Embitter, Emblazon, Emblematize, Embody, Embolden, Embosom, Emboss, Embowel, Embower, Embrace, Embrittle, Embrocate, Embroider, Embroil, Embryonate, Embus, Emcee, Emend, Emerge, Emigrate, Emit, Emote, Emotionalize, Emotionize, Empanel, Empathize, Empatron, Empeople, Empest, Emphasize, Empierce, Emplace, Emplane, Emplaster, Employ, Emplume, Empoison, Empower, Empt, Empty, Empurple, Emu-bob, Emulate, Emulsify, Emulsion

Verbs that start with En

Enable, Enact, Enamel, Enamour, Encage, Encamp, Encapsidate, Encapsulate, Encase, Encash, Enchain, Enchant, Enchase, Encipher, Encircle, Enclasp, Enclose, Encode, Encompass, Encore, Encounter, Encourage, Encroach, Encrust, Encrypt, Encumber, Encyst, End, Endanger, Endear, Endeavour, Endenizen, Endorse, Endow, Endplay, End Run, Endue, Endure, Energize, Enervate, Enfeeble, Enfeoff, Enfetter, Enfilade, Enflesh, Enfold, Enforce, Enfranchise, Engage, Engender, Engineer, Engine-size, Engirdle, Englify, Englishify, Englishize, Englobe, Engorge, Engraft, Engrave, Engross, Engulf, Enhance, Enisle, Enjoin, Enjoy, Enkindle, Enlace, Enlarge, Enlarge On/upon, Enlight, Enlighten, Enlist, Enliven, Enmesh, Ennoble, Enounce, Enqueue, Enquire, Enrage, Enrapture, Enrich, Enrobe, Enrol, Ensconce, Ensepulchre, Ensheath, Enshrine, Enshroud, Ensilage, Ensile, Enslave, Ensnare, Ensnarl, Ensorcell, Ensoul, Ensue, Ensure, Enswathe, Entail, Entangle, Enter, Enter Into, Enter On/upon, Entertain, Enthral, Enthrone, Enthuse, Entice, Entitle, Entomb, Entrain, Entrammel, Entrance, Entrap, Entreat, Entrench, Entrust, Entwine, Enucleate, Enumerate, Enunciate, Enure, Envelop, Envenom, Envenomate, Environ, Envisage, Envision, Envy, Enwrap, Enwreathe

Verbs that start with Ep

Epigrammatize, Epilate, Epimerize, Epistolize, Epitomize, Epoxy

Verbs that start with Eq

Equal, Equalize, Equate, Equilibrate, Equilibrize, Equip, Equipoise, Equivocate

Verbs that start with Er

Eradicate, Erase, Erect, Erode, Eroticize, Err, Eruct, Eructate, Erupt

Verbs that start with Es

Escalate, Escallop, Escape, Escheat, Eschew, Escort, Escrow, Espalier, Espouse, Espy, Essay, Essentialize, Establish, Esteem, Esterify, Estimate, Estop, Estrange, Estreat

Verbs that start with Et

Etch, Eternalize, Eternize, Etherealize, Etherify, Etherize, Ethicize, Ethnically Cleanse, Ethnologize, Ethylate, Etiolate, Ettle, Etymologize

Verbs that start with Eu

Euchre, Eulogize, Euphemize, Euphonize, Euro-campaign, Europeanize, Euthanize, Eutrophicate

Verbs that start with Ev

Evacuate, Evade, Evaginate, Evaluate, Evanesce, Evangelize, Evanish, Evaporate, Even, Eventuate, Evert, Evict, Evidence, Evince, Evirate, Eviscerate, E-vite, Evoke, Evolutionize, Evolve

Verbs that start with Ex

Exacerbate, Exact, Exaggerate, Exalt, Examinate, Examine, Example, Exasperate, Excavate, Exceed, Excel, Except, Excerpt, Exchange, Excise, Excite, Exclaim, Exclude, Excogitate, Excommunicate, Excoriate, Excrete, Excruciate, Exculpate, Excuse, Execrate, Execute, Exemplarize, Exemplify, Exemply, Exempt, Exenterate, Exercise, Exert, Exeunt, Exfiltrate, Exfoliate, Exhale, Exhaust, Exhibit, Exhilarate, Exhort, Exhume, Exile, Exist, Existimate, Exit, Exonerate, Exorcise, Exoticize, Expand, Expatiate, Expatriate, Expect, Expectorate, Expedite, Expel, Expend, Expense, Experience, Experiment, Expertize, Expiate, Expire, Explain, Explant, Explete, Explicate, Explode, Exploit, Explorate, Explore, Exponentiate, Export, Expose, Expostulate, Expound, Express, Expropriate, Expunge, Expurgate, Exsanguinate, Exsert, Exsolve, Extemporize, Extend, Extenuate, Exteriorize, Exterminate, Extern, Externalize, Extinguish, Extirpate, Extol, Extort, Extract, Extradite, Extrapolate, Extravasate, Extricate, Extrude, Extubate, Exude, Exult, Exuviate

Verbs that start with Ey

Eye, Eyeball, Eye-bite, Eye-clip, Eyelet, Eye-wig



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