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Verbs that Start with O

We found 832 Verbs that start with O.  You can add your own verbs that start with O in the comments box.

Verbs that start with Oa


Verbs that start with Ob

Obduct, Obedience-train, Obelize, Obey, Obfuscate, Obfusticate, Obituarize, Object, Objectify, Objectivate, Objectivize, Objectize, Objure, Objurgate, Obligate, Oblige, Obliterate, Obliviate, Oblivionize, Obnubilate, Obscure, Obsecrate, Observate, Observe, Obsess, Obsolesce, Obsolete, Obstruct, Obtain, Obtemper, Obtrude, Obtund, Obturate, Obumbrate, Obvert, Obviate

Verbs that start with Oc

Occasion, Occasionate, Occidentalize, Occlude, Occult, Occupy, Occur, Octuple

Verbs that start with Od

Od, Odorize,

Verbs that start with Of

Off, Off-bear, Off Drive, Offend, Offer, Off-gas, Officer, Officialize, Officiate, Offload, Off-put, Off-saddle, Offset, Offshore, Offuscate

Verbs that start with Og


Verbs that start with Oh


Verbs that start with Oi

Oil, Oil-harden, Oink

Verbs that start with Ok

Ok, Oke

Verbs that start with Ol

Olate, Old Talk, Ole-talk, Oligarchize, Oligomerize, Ollie, Olympianize

Verbs that start with Om


Verbs that start with On

On-board, On Drive, One-hand, One-step, One-up, On-board, On Drive, One-hand, One Up, Onlap, Onlay, On-lend, Onsell, Onshore, Ontologize

Verbs that start with Oo

Ooh, Ooh-ooh, Oompah, Oophorectomize, Ooze, Oozle

Verbs that start with Op

, Opacate, Opacify, Opalesce, Opalize, Ope, Open, Open Something Up, Open Up, Operate, Operationalize, Operatize, Opiate, Opine, Opinionate, Opinionize, Oppose, Oppress, Opprobriate, Oppugn, Opsit, Opsonize, Opt, Optate, Optimize, Opt In, Option, Optionalize, Opt Out

Verbs that start with Or

Oraculate, Orate, Orbit, Orchestrate, Orchidectomize, Orchidize, Ordain, Order, Organify, Organize, Orgasm, Orient, Orientalize, Orientate, Orienteer, Originate, Ornament, Ornamentalize, Ornithologize, Orp, Orphan, Orphanize, Orthogonalize, Orthographize, Orthonormalize

Verbs that start with Os

Oscillate, Osculate, Osmicate, Osmoregulate, Osmose, Ossify, Ostentate, Ostracize

Verbs that start with Ot

Other, Otherize, Ottomanize

Verbs that start with Ou

Ouche, Ought, Oust, Out, Outact, Out-argue, Outarm, Out-babble, Outbalance, Out-bawl, Outbeam, Outbelch, Out-bellow, Outbid, Outblaze, Outbleed, Outbloom, Out-blossom, Outblush, Outbluster, Outbow, Outbox, Out-brag, Outbrave, Out-bray, Outbrazen, Outbreathe, Outbreed, Out-bubble, Outbuild, Outbulk, Out-bully, Out-burn, Outbuy, Outcaste, Outcharm, Outclass, Outclimb, Outcompete, Outcraft, Outcrop, Outcross, Outcut, Outdance, Outdare, Outdate, Outdazzle, Outdistance, Outdo, Outdraw, Out-dream, Outdress, Outdrink, Outdrive, Out-earn, Out-eat, Outen, Outface, Out-fast, Outfence, Outfight, Outfit, Outflame, Outflank, Outflash, Out-flatter, Outfling, Outflourish, Outfly, Outfool, Outfoot, Outfox, Outfrown, Outgain, Outgallop, Outgas, Outgeneral, Outgive, Outglare, Outglitter, Outglow, Outgo, Outgrabe, Outgross, Outgrow, Outguess, Outgun, Outgush, Out-heart, Out-herod, Outhit, Outhold, Out-homer, Outhouse, Outhowl, Outhumour, Outjockey, Out-joy, Out-juggle, Outjump, Outjut, Out-kick, Outkill, Outlabour, Outlash, Outlast, Outlaugh, Outlaw, Outleap, Outlearn, Outlie, Outline, Outlive, Outlove, Outman, Outmanoeuvre, Outmarch, Outmaster, Outmatch, Outmeasure, Out-migrate, Outmode, Out-mouth, Outmove, Outmuscle, Outnoise, Outnumber, Out-of-balance, Outpace, Out-paint, Outpass, Outperform, Outpitch, Outplace, Out-plan, Outplay, Out-plot, Outpoint, Outpoise, Outpoll, Out-position, Outpour, Outpower, Outpray, Outpreach, Out-promise, Out-psych, Outpublish, Outpunch, Out-push, Output, Outrace, Outrage, Outraise, Outrange, Outrank, Outrant, Outrate, Outray, Outreach, Outread, Outreason, Outrebound, Out-red, Out-reign, Outride, Outrig, Outring, Outrival, Outroar, Outroot, Outrow, Outrun, Outrush, Outsail, Outscold, Outscore, Outsearch, Outsee, Outseg, Outsell, Outshame, Out-sharpen, Outshine, Outshoot, Outshop, Outshout, Outshove, Outshow, Outshut, Out-sin, Outsing, Outsit, Outskate, Outsleep, Outslick, Outslug, Outsmart, Outsmell, Outsmile, Outsoar, Outsource, Outspan, Outsparkle, Outspeak, Outspeed, Outspend, Outspin, Out-spirit, Outspit, Outspread, Outspring, Outsprint, Outstand, Outstare, Outstart, Outstay, Outsteam, Outstep, Outstink, Outstrain, Out-strategize, Outstretch, Outstride, Outstrike, Outstrip, Outsuffer, Outswagger, Outswear, Outsweat, Outsweep, Outsweeten, Outswell, Outswim, Out-talk, Out-think, Out-throw, Out-thunder, Out-top, Out-trade, Out-travel, Out-trick, Out-trot, Out-trump, Outvalue, Outvie, Outvoice, Outvote, Outwait, Outwalk, Outwander, Outwatch, Outwear, Outweary, Outweep, Outweigh, Outwind, Outwing, Out-winter, Outwit, Outwork, Outworn, Outwrangle, Outwrest, Outwrestle, Outwrite, Outyell, Outyield

Verbs that start with Ov

Ovalize, Ovariectomize, Oven-bake, Oven-cook, Overabound, Overachieve, Overact, Overaffect, Overamp, Overanalyse, Overarch, Over-articulate, Overawe, Overbake, Overbalance, Overballast, Overbank, Overbear, Overbeat, Overbend, Overbias, Overbid, Overbill, Overbleach, Overbloom, Overblow, Overboil, Overbook, Overborrow, Overbound, Overbow, Overbower, Overbowl, Overbreathe, Overbreed, Overbrim, Overbrow, Overbudget, Overbuild, Over-bull, Overbump, Overburden, Over-burn, Overbuy, Overcall, Over-canopy, Overcapitalize, Overcarry, Overcast, Over-centralize, Overcharge, Overclimb, Overclock, Over-clog, Overclose, Overclothe, Overcloud, Overcolour, Overcome, Overcommit, Overcompensate, Overcomplicate, Overcompound, Overcook, Overcool, Overcorrect, Overcount, Overcover, Over-cram, Overcrop, Overcross, Overcrow, Overcrowd, Overcrust, Overcure, Overcut, Overdamp, Over-dance, Overdeal, Overdeck, Overdeepen, Over-deliver, Overdesign, Overdetermine, Overdevelop, Overdiagnose, Overdischarge, Overdo, Overdose, Overdot, Overdramatize, Overdraw, Over-dredge, Overdrench, Overdress, Overdrink, Overdrive, Overdry, Overdub, Overdye, Overeat, Over-educate, Over-egg, Over-elaborate, Overembellish, Over-emote, Overemphasize, Over-engineer, Overenter, Overerupt, Overesteem, Overestimate, Overexcite, Over-exercise, Overexert, Overexploit, Overexpose, Overexpress, Overextend, Overface, Over-favour, Over-fear, Overfeed, Overfill, Over-fire, Overfish, Overfit, Overflood, Overflourish, Overflow, Overfly, Overfondle, Overfreight, Overfret, Overfulfil, Overfund, Overgang, Overgeneralize, Overget, Overgild, Overgive, Overglance, Overglass, Overglut, Overgo, Overgorge, Over-govern, Overgrain, Overgraze, Over-grieve, Overgrow, Overhang, Overharvest, Overhaul, Overheap, Overhear, Overheat, Over-heighten, Overhit, Overhouse, Overhunt, Overhype, Overidentify, Overindulge, Over-inflate, Over-influence, Over-inform, Over-insure, Over-intellectualize, Overinvest, Overissue, Overjoy, Overjump, Overkeep, Overkick, Overknow, Over-labour, Overlade, Overland, Overlap, Overlard, Overlay, Overlean, Overleap, Overlearn, Overlend, Overlie, Overlift, Overlight, Overline, Overlisten, Overload, Overlock, Overlook, Over-love, Overlying, Overman, Overmarch, Overmark, Over-marry, Overmask, Overmast, Overmaster, Overmatch, Over-modulate, Overmount, Overmourn, Overnet, Overnight, Overnumber, Over-order, Overpack, Overpaint, Overparent, Overpark, Overpass, Overpay, Overpedal, Overpeer, Overpeople, Overpersuade, Overpester, Overpitch, Overplant, Overplay, Overplease, Overplot, Overplough, Overpole, Overpopulate, Over-pot, Overpour, Overpower, Overpraise, Overpreach, Over-prepare, Overprescribe, Overpress, Overprice, Overprint, Overprize, Overproduce, Overpromise, Overpronate, Overprotect, Overpublicize, Overpump, Overpunch, Overpunish, Overrake, Over-rank, Overrate, Overreach, Overreact, Over-read, Over-reckon, Over-record, Overrecover, Over-refine, Over-rent, Over-report, Over-represent, Override, Overripen, Overrise, Over-roast, Overroll, Overroof, Over-rotate, Overruff, Overrule, Overrun, Oversail, Oversalt, Oversample, Oversaturate, Oversay, Overscore, Overseam, Oversee, Overseek, Oversell, Overset, Oversew, Overshade, Overshadow, Overshake, Overshare, Overshine, Overshoot, Over-shorten, Overshot, Oversimplify, Overskate, Overskip, Overslaugh, Oversleep, Overslide, Oversmoke, Oversoar, Oversow, Overspan, Overspeak, Overspecialize, Overspecify, Overspeed, Overspend, Overspread, Oversprinkle, Overstaff, Overstain, Overstand, Overstate, Overstay, Oversteer, Overstep, Overstimulate, Overstitch, Overstock, Overstrain, Overstress, Overstretch, Overstrew, Overstride, Overstudy, Overstuff, Oversubscribe, Oversupinate, Oversupply, Overswarm, Oversway, Oversweep, Oversweeten, Overswell, Overswim, Overswing, Overtake, Over-talk, Overtask, Overtax, Overteem, Overtell, Overthink, Overthrow, Overthrust, Overtilt, Overtip, Overtire, Overtop, Overtopple, Overtorture, Overtower, Overtrace, Overtrade, Overtrain, Overtrample, Overtrap, Overtravel, Overtrawl, Overtread, Overtreat, Overtrim, Over-trouble, Overtrump, Overtrust, Overturn, Overtwist, Overtype, Overuse, Overvalue, Overvault, Over-veil, Overventilate, Overview, Overvote, Over-vulcanize, Overwarm, Overwash, Overwatch, Overwater, Over-weaken, Overweary, Overweave, Overween, Overweigh, Overweight, Overwell, Overwet, Overwhelm, Overwin, Overwind, Overwinter, Overwork, Overwrap, Overwrite, Oviposit, Ovulate

Verbs that start with Ow

Owe, Own, Own Up

Verbs that start with Ox

Oxidate, Oxidize, Oxtercog, Oxygenate, Oxygenize

Verbs that start with Oy


Verbs that start with Oz



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