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Verbs that Start with T

We found 661 Verbs that start with T.  You can add your own verbs that start with T in the comments box.

Verbs That start with Ta

Tab, Table, Table-hop, Taboo, Tabulate, Tack, Tackle, Tag, Tagati, Tagmatize, Taihoa, Tail, Tail Back, Tailgate, Tail Off (Or Away), Tailor, Tail Something In (Or Into), Tailspin, Tail-walk, Taint, Take, Take After, Take Against, Take Away From, Take From, Take Off, Take On, Take Someone/something Out, Take Someone Back, Take Someone In, Take Someone Off, Take Someone On, Take Someone Out, Take Someone Up, Take Someone Up On, Take Something Apart, Take Something Away, Take Something Back, Take Something Down, Take Something In, Take Something Off, Take Something On, Take Something Out, Take Something Out On, Take Something Over, Take Something Up, Take To, Take Up With, Talc, Talcum, Talent-spot, Talibanize, Talk, Talk At, Talk Back, Talk Down To, Talk Someone/something Down, Talk Someone/something Up, Talk Someone Into, Talk Someone Out Of, Talk Someone Round, Talk Someone Through, Talk Something Out, Talk Something Over (Or Through), Talk To, Tallow, Tally, Tally-ho, Tambour, Tame, Tamp, Tamper, Tampon, Tan, Tang, Tangle, Tango, Tank, Tanker, Tannoy, Tantalize, Tap, Tap Dance, Tape, Taper, Tape-record, Tar, Target, Tariff, Tarmac, Tarnish, Tarry, Tar-seal, Tart, Taser, Tash, Task, Tassel, Taste, Tat, Tattle, Tattletale, Tattoo, Taunt, Tauten, Tautologize, Tautomerize, Taw, Tax, Taxi, Taxonomize

Verbs That start with Tb


Verbs That start with Te

Tea, Teach, Team, Team-teach, Tear, Tear Gas, Tear Into, Tear Oneself Away, Tear Someone/something Apart, Tear Someone/something Down, Tease, Teasel, Technicalize, Technicize, Technify, Technologize, Ted, Tee, Tee-hee, Teem, Tee Off, Tee Someone Off, Teeter, Teeter-totter, Teethe, Telecast, Telecommute, Telefax, Telegraph, Teleguide, Telemark, Telemarket, Telemeter, Teleoperate, Telepathize, Telephone, Telephote, Telephotograph, Teleport, Teleprint, Teleprompt, Telerecord, Telescope, Teletransport, Teletype, Teleview, Televise, Telework, Telewrite, Telex, Tell, Tell Someone Off, Telnet, Temp, Temper, Temporize, Tempt, Tenant, Tend, Tender, Tenderize, Tenon, Tense, Tension, Tent, Tenure, Tergiversate, Term, Terminate, Terrace, Terraform, Terrify, Territorialize, Terrorize, Tessellate, Test, Test Drive, Test-fly, Testify, Tetanize, Tether, Text, Texture, Texturize

Verbs That start with Th

Thank, Thatch, Thaw, Theatricalize, Thematize, Theme, Theologize, Theorize, Therapize, Thermalize, Thermoregulate, Thicken, Thickness, Thieve, Thin, Thingify, Think, Think Back, Think On, Think Something Out (Or Through), Think Something Over, Think Something Up, Thin Section, Thirst, Thole, Thong, Thought-read, Thought-transfer, Thrash, Thrash Something Out, Thread, Threap, Threaten, Three-peat, Thresh, Thrill, Thrive, Throb, Thrombose, Throne, Throng, Throttle, Throw, Throw Off, Throw Off At, Throw Oneself At, Throw Oneself Into, Throw Oneself On (Or Upon), Throw People Together, Throw Someone Out, Throw Someone Over, Throw Something Away, Throw Something Down, Throw Something In, Throw Something Off, Throw Something Open, Throw Something Out, Throw Something Together, Throw Something Up, Throw Up, Thrum, Thrust, Thrutch, Thud, Thumb, Thump, Thunder, Thunk, Thwack, Thwart

Verbs That start with Ti

Tick, Ticket, Tickle, Tick Over, Tick Someone Off, Tick Something Off, Tick-tock, Tide, Tide Someone Over, Tidy, Tie, Tie-dye, Tief, Tie Into, Tie Someone Up, Tie Something In (Or Tie In), Tie Something Up, Tig, Tighten, Tightline, Tightrope, Tile, Till, Tiller, Tilt, Time, Time-bar, Time-charter, Time Lock, Time-reverse, Times, Time-shift, Timestamp, Time-stretch, Timetable, Time Travel, Tin, Tincture, Ting, Tinge, Tingle, Tink, Tinker, Tinkle, Tinplate, Tint, Tintinnabulate, Tip, Tippex, Tipple, Tippy-toe, Tiptoe, Tire, Tissue Type, Tithe, Titillate, Titivate, Title, Titrate, Titter, Tittivate, Tittle-tattle, Tittup

Verbs That start with To

Toady, To And Fro, Toast, Toboggan, Toddle, Toe, Toenail, Toe-poke, Toff, Tog, Toggle, Toil, Toilet, Toilet-train, Toke, Tokenize, Tolerate, Toll, Tom, Tomahawk, Tombstone, Tom-tom, Tone, Tone Something Down, Tong, Tongue, Tongue-lash, Tonify, Tonk, Tonsure, Tool, Toot, Tootle, Top, Top-dress, Tope, Top Edge, Topicalize, Top Out, Topple, Top Rope, Top-score, Top-slice, Top Someone Up, Top Something Off, Top Something Out, Top Something Up, Topstitch, Torch, Torment, Torpedo, Torpefy, Torque, Torrefy, Torture, Toss, Toss (Someone Or Oneself) Off, Toss Something Off, Tot, Total, Totalize, Tote, Totter, Touch, Touch At, Touch-dance, Touch Down, Touch-kick, Touch On (Or Upon), Touch Someone Up, Touch Something Off, Touch Something Up, Touch-type, Tough, Toughen, Tour, Tourist, Tourney, Tousle, Tout, Tow, Towel, Tower, Townify, Town-plan, Toxify, Toy, Toyi-toyi

Verbs That start with Tr

Trace, Track, Track Someone/something Down, Track Something In, Track Something Up, Trade, Trade Down (Or Up), Trademark, Trade On, Trade Something In, Trade Something Off, Trade-test, Trade Unionize, Tradit, Traditionalize, Traditionize, Traduce, Traduct, Traffic, Tragedize, Traik, Trail, Trailer, Train, Trainspot, Traipse, Trammel, Tramp, Trample, Trampoline, Trance, Tranquillize, Transact, Transaminate, Transcend, Transcendentalize, Transcode, Transcribe, Transduce, Transect, Transfect, Transfer, Transfer List, Transfigure, Transfix, Transform, Transfuse, Transgress, Transilluminate, Transistorize, Transit, Transition, Translate, Transliterate, Translocate, Transmigrate, Transmit, Transmogrify, Transmute, Transpierce, Transpire, Transplant, Transport, Transpose, Trans-ship, Transubstantiate, Transude, Transvalue, Trap, Trapes, Trash, Trash Talk, Traumatize, Travail, Travel, Traverse, Travesty, Trawl, Tread, Treadle, Treasure, Treat, Treble, Tree, Trek, Trellis, Tremble, Tremor, Trench, Trench-dig, Trend, Trendify, Trepan, Trephine, Trespass, Tress, Triage, Trial, Triangulate, Trick, Trickle, Trickle Down, Trick Or Treat, Trick Someone/something Out (Or Up), Tricolate, Tricycle, Tried, Trifle, Trifurcate, Trig, Trigger, Trill, Trim, Trine, Trip, Triple, Triple Bogey, Triple Jump, Triplex, Triplicate, Tripple, Trisect, Triturate, Triumph, Trivialize, Trog, Troll, Tromp, Troop, Tropicalize, Tropologize, Trot, Troth-plight, Trot Something Out, Trouble, Troubleshoot, Trough, Trounce, Trouser, Trow, Trowel, Truant, Truck, Truckle, Trudge, True, Trump, Trumpet, Trump Something Up, Truncate, Trundle, Truss, Trust, Trustify, Truthify, Try, Try Something On, Tryst

Verbs That start with Ts


Verbs That start with Tu

Tub, Tube, Tuberculin Test, Tuberculize, Tuck, Tucker, Tuck In (Or Into), Tuck-point, Tuck Something Away, Tuft, Tug, Tumble, Tumble-dry, Tumefy, Tun, Tune, Tune Into, Tune Out, Tunnel, Tup, Turbocharge, Turf, Turn, Turn About, Turn Against (Or Turn Someone Against), Turn Back (Or Turn Someone/something Back), Turn In, Turn Into, Turn Off, Turn On, Turn Out, Turn Over, Turn Someone/something Into, Turn Someone Away, Turn Someone Down, Turn Someone In, Turn Someone Off, Turn Someone On, Turn Someone On To, Turn Someone Out, Turn Someone Over To, Turn Something Down, Turn Something In, Turn Something Off, Turn Something On, Turn Something Out, Turn Something Over, Turn Something Round (Or Around), Turn Something Up, Turn Up, Turpentine, Tussle, Tut, Tutor, Tut-tut

Verbs That start with Tw

Twaddle, Twang, Twat, Twattle, Tweak, Tweet, Tweeze, Twelve-step, Twerk, Twiddle, Twig, Twill, Twin, Twine, Twinge, Twinkle, Twirl, Twist, Twit, Twitch, Twitter, Twizzle, Twoc, Two-time

Verbs That start with Ty

Type, Typecast, Typeset, Typewrite, Typify, Typograph, Tyrannize,


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