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Verbs that Start with P

We found 1474 Verbs that start with P.  You can add your own verbs that start with P in the comments box.

Verbs that start with Pa

Pace, Pacificate, Pacify, Pack, Package, Packet, Packetize, Pack Rape, Pack Someone Off, Pack Something In, Pack Something Out, Pack Up (Or In), Pad, Paddle, Paddock, Paddock-graze, Padlock, Pad-stitch, Paeanize, Paganize, Page, Paginate, Paid, Paik, Pain, Paint, Paint-mark, Paint Up, Pair, Pair-bond, Pair-feed, Pair-mate, Pair Trawl, Pal, Palatalize, Palaver, Pale, Palisade, Pall, Palladianize, Palletize, Palliate, Palm, Palm Someone Off, Palm Something Off, Palpate, Palpitate, Palsy, Palter, Pamper, Pamphlet, Pamphleteer, Pamphletize, Pan, Pan-broil, Pancake, Panchromatize, Pancreatectomize, Pander, Pandy, Panegyricize, Panegyrize, Panel, Panfish, Pan-fry, Panhandle, Panic, Panic-buy, Panic Sell, Panic-strike, Pank, Pan Out, Pan-pot, Pant, Pantheize, Pantheonize, Pant-hoot, Pantomime, Panyar, Pap, Papalize, Paper, Pap-feed, Papple, Par, Parabolize, Parachute, Parade, Paradigmatize, Paradrop, Paraglide, Paragraph, Paragraphize, Parallel, Parallelize, Parallel Park, Paralogize, Paralyse, Parameterize, Parapente, Paraphrase, Parasail, Parascend, Parasitize, Parathyroidectomize, Parboil, Parbuckle, Parcel, Parcellate, Parcellize, Parch, Par-cook, Pardon, Pare, Parent, Parenthesize, Parfocalize, Parget, Parisianize, Park, Parkerize, Parlay, Parle, Parley, Parleyvoo, Parochialize, Parodize, Parody, Parole, Parp, Par-roast, Parrot, Parrotize, Parry, Parse, Parsonify, Part, Partake, Part-ex, Part Exchange, Partialize, Participate, Participialize, Particolour, Particularize, Partify, Partition, Partner, Part-own, Party, Pash, Pass, Passage, Pass Away, Passivate, Passive-resist, Passivize, Pass Off, Pass On, Pass Out, Pass Over, Pass Someone/something Off As, Pass Someone By, Pass Someone Over, Pass Something Off, Pass Something Over, Pass Something Up, Password-protect, Paste, Pasteurize, Paste-wash, Pastiche, Pastinate, Pastor, Pastoralize, Pasture, Pat, Patch, Patent, Paternalize, Path, Pathologize, Patinate, Patine, Patinize, Patriate, Patrol, Patronize, Pat Someone Down, Patter, Pattern, Pattern-bomb, Patternize, Paunch, Pauperize, Pause, Pave, Pavisand, Paw, Pawn, Pawn Someone/something Off, Pay, Pay Off, Pay Someone Back, Pay Someone Off, Pay Something Back, Pay Something In, Pay Something Off, Pay Something Out (Or Pay Out), Pay Up (Or Pay Something Up)

Verbs that start with Pe

Peace, Peach, Peacify, Peak, Peal, Pearl, Pearl-coat, Pearl-dive, Pearl Harbour, Pearten, Peasantize, Pea-shoot, Pech, Peck, Peckle, Pecksniff, Peculate, Peculiarize, Pedal, Peddle, Pedestal, Pedestrianate, Pedestrianize, Pedicate, Pedicure, Pedipulate, Pee, Peek, Peel, Peel Off, Peel Out, Peen, Peenge, Peent, Peep, Peer, Peer Review, Peeve, Peg, Peg Away, Peg Out, Peg Someone Back, Peg Something Out, Pejorate, Pelagianize, Pellet, Pelletize, Pelt, Pelter, Pen, Penalize, Penance, Pencil, Pencil-mark, Pencil Someone In, Pencil Something In, Pend, Pendulate, Pendule, Penelopize, Penetrate, Peninsulate, Penny-pinch, Pen-record, Pension, Pensioneer, People, Peopleize, People-watch, Pep, Pepper, Pepper-gas, Peptize, Peptonize, Peramble, Perambulate, Perceive, Perceptualize, Perch, Percolate, Percuss, Percussionize, Perdure, Peregrinate, Perempt, Perennate, Perennialize, Perfect, Perfectionate, Perfectionize, Perfectivize, Perforate, Perform, Perfricate, Perfume, Perfuse, Periclitate, Perifuse, Peril, Periodize, Peripheralize, Perish, Perjure, Perk, Perlustrate, Perm, Permanentize, Permanently Wave, Permeabilize, Permeate, Permineralize, Permit, Permix, Permutate, Permute, Pern, Perne, Pernoctate, Perorate, Peroxidate, Peroxide, Peroxidize, Perpetrate, Perpetuate, Perplex, Perscrutate, Persecute, Perseverate, Persevere, Persiflate, Persist, Personalize, Personate, Personify, Perspirate, Perspire, Perstringe, Persuade, Pertain, Perturb, Perturbate, Peruse, Perv, Pervade, Pervaporate, Pervert, Pessimize, Pester, Pestle, Pet, Peter, Petition, Petrarchize, Petrify, Pet-sit, Pettifog, Petune

Verbs that start with Ph

Phage-type, Phagocytize, Phagocytose, Phantasize, Phantomize, Pharyngealize, Phase, Phase-lock, Phase-modulate, Phenolize, Phenomenalize, Phenomenize, Philander, Philanthropize, Philippize, Philistinize, Philologize, Philonize, Philosophate, Philosophize, Phish, Phlebotomize, Phlorizinize, Phonate, Phone, Phonemicize, Phone-tap, Phoneticize, Phonetize, Phoo-phoo, Phosphatize, Phosphorate, Phosphoresce, Phosphorize, Phosphorylate, Photo, Photoactivate, Photoassimilate, Photobleach, Photobomb, Photocatalyse, Photocoagulate, Photocompose, Photoconvert, Photocopy, Photodecompose, Photodegrade, Photodimerize, Photodissociate, Photoduplicate, Photoemit, Photoengrave, Photo-etch, Photoexcite, Photofluorograph, Photograph, Photographize, Photoinduce, Photoionize, Photoisomerize, Photolithograph, Photolyse, Photo-oxidize, Photopolymerize, Photoproduce, Photoprotect, Photoreactivate, Photoreduce, Photoregulate, Photoreproduce, Photorespire, Photosensitize, Photoset, Photoshop, Photostat, Photostimulate, Photosynthesize, Photozincograph, Phrase, Phreak, Phrenologize, Phrygianize, Phub, Phut-phut, Physic, Physicalize, Physiognomize, Physiologize, Physisorb

Verbs that start with Pi

Piaffe, Pick, Pickaback, Pickaxe, Pick-dress, Pickeer, Picket, Pickle, Pick On, Pick Oneself Up, Pickpocket, Pick Someone/something Off, Pick Someone/something Out, Pick Someone Up, Pick Something Over (Or Pick Through), Pick Something Up, Pick Up, Pick Up After, Picnic, Pictorialize, Picture, Picturize, Piddle, Piddle About/around, Pidginize, Piece, Piece-dye, Piecen, Pierce, Pig, Pigeonhole, Pigeon-wing, Piggle, Piggyback, Pig Hunt, Pig-jump, Pigment, Pignorate, Pig-pile, Pig-root, Pig-stick, Pike, Pilch, Pile, Pile-drive, Pilfer, Pilger, Pilgrim, Pilgrimage, Pilgrimize, Pill, Pillage, Pillaloo, Pillor, Pillorize, Pillory, Pillow, Pilot, Pimp, Pin, Pinch, Pinch-hit, Pinch-run, Pind, Pine, Pinealectomize, Pin-fit, Pinfold, Ping, Pingle, Pinhook, Pinion, Pink, Pinken, Pink Slip, Pinnacle, Pinocytize, Pinocytose, Pinpoint, Pin Someone Down, Pin Something Down, Pin Something On, Pinwheel, Pioneer, Pip, Pipe, Pipeclay, Pipe Down, Pipejack, Pipeline, Pipe Someone Away (Or Down), Pipe Something Away, Pipette, Pipe Up, Pique, Piquer, Pirate, Piratize, Pirl, Piroot, Pirouette, Piss, Piss About/around, Piss Off, Piss On/over, Piss Someone Off, Piss Something Away, Piss Something Up, Pistol, Pistol-whip, Pit, Pitch, Pitch-cap, Pitchfork, Pitch In, Pitch Into, Pitchpole, Pitch Someone/something Against, Pitch Something Up (Or Pitch Up), Pitch Up, Pith, Pit-lamp, Pitter, Pitter-patter, Pittle, Pity, Pivot, Pixelate, Pize

Verbs that start with Pl

Placard, Placate, Place, Place Kick, Placer-mine, Plagiarize, Plague, Plain, Plait, Plan, Planate, Planch, Plane, Planish, Plank, Planograph, Plant, Plap, Plash, Plasmolyse, Plaster, Plasticate, Plasticize, Plastify, Plastinate, Plat, Platch, Plate, Plateau, Platinize, Platitudinize, Platonize, Platoon, Plaud, Plausibilize, Play, Play About (Or Play Around), Play-act, Play Along, Play Away, Playlist, Playmake, Play Off, Play On, Play Out, Play-play, Play Someone Along, Play Someone Off, Play Someone Out, Play Someone Up, Play Something Back, Play Something Down, Play Something Out, Play Something Up, Playtest, Play Up, Play Up To, Playwrite, Plea Bargain, Pleach, Plead, Please, Pleasure, Pleat, Plebeianize, Plebify, Pledge, Plenish, Plentify, Plet, Plié, Plight, Plim, Plink, Ploat, Plock, Plod, Plodge, Plonk, Plop, Plot, Plotz, Plough, Plough Something In/back, Plough Something Under, Plounce, Plout, Plouter, Pluck, Pluff, Plug, Plug Into, Plug Something In, Plumb, Plume, Plummet, Plump, Plumpen, Plunder, Plunge, Plunk, Plunther, Pluralize, Plurify, Ply

Verbs that start with Pm


Verbs that start with Pn


Verbs that start with Po

Poach, Poché, Pocket, Pocket-dial, Pockle, Pockmark, Pod, Podcast, Poddle, Poddy, Poddy-dodge, Poddy-rear, Podium, Podzolize, Poetaste, Poeticize, Poetize, Poetrize, Pogo, Poind, Point, Point Something Out, Point Something Up, Poise, Poison, Poke, Poke About/around, Poke-check, Polarize, Pole, Poleaxe, Pole Dance, Polemicize, Polemize, Pole Vault, Police, Polish, Polish Something Off, Politic, Politicalize, Politicize, Politize, Politzerize, Polka, Poll, Pollard, Pollinate, Pollinize, Pollute, Polonize, Polt, Polyadenylate, Polychromatize, Polychrome, Polycondense, Polyfoto, Polygamize, Polygonize, Polylogize, Polymerize, Polyploidize, Polytenize, Polytheize, Polyurethane, Pomade, Pomatum, Pommel, Pommel Vault, Pompadour, Pomper, Ponask, Ponce, Ponce About/around, Ponce Something Up, Pond, Ponder, Ponderate, Pong, Pontificate, Pontify, Pony, Pony Club, Pooch, Poodle, Poodle-fake, Pooh, Pooh-pooh, Pook, Pool, Pool-drive, Poon, Poop, Poop Out, Poorify, Poor Mouth, Poot, Pootle, Poozle, Pop, Pop Off, Popple, Pop Rivet, Popularize, Populate, Pop Up, Porcelain-enamel, Porcelainize, Porcelanize, Pore, Porge, Pork, Pornify, Pornographize, Porphyrize, Porpoise, Porrect, Port, Portage, Portend, Portion, Portray, Pose, Posh, Posit, Position, Positivize, Possess, Posset, Possibilitate, Post, Post-accelerate, Postalize, Post-board, Postcure, Post-date, Postdict, Post-edit, Poster, Posterize, Post-exist, Postfix, Post-form, Postmark, Postmodify, Postmultiply, Postosmicate, Postpone, Postpose, Postposit, Postprecipitate, Post-process, Post-produce, Postscribe, Post-sync, Post-synch, Post-synchronize, Post-tension, Postulate, Post Up, Posture, Posturize, Pot, Potboil, Pote, Potentialize, Potentiate, Potentize, Pothole, Pot-hunt, Potlatch, Pot Roast, Pot-shoot, Potter, Pot-train, Potty-train, Pouch, Poultice, Pounce, Pound, Pound Something Out, Pour, Poussette, Pout, Poverish, Powder, Powder-burn, Powder-coat, Powderize, Powder-sugar, Power, Power Dive, Power Dress, Power-shop, Power Walk, Power-wash, Powwow,

Verbs that start with Pr

Practicalize, Practice, Practise, Prag, Pragmatize, Praise, Prance, Prang, Prank, Prate, Prattle, Pray, Preach, Preachify, Pre-acknowledge, Pre-acquaint, Pre-act, Preactivate, Preadapt, Pre-admit, Preadmonish, Pre-advertise, Preadvise, Preamplify, Pre-announce, Pre-anticipate, Pre-appoint, Pre-arm, Prearrange, Preaspirate, Pre-assume, Preassure, Preattune, Prebait, Preboard, Pre-book, Precalculate, Precancel, Precast, Precede, Precent, Precess, Precipitate, Precis, Precisionize, Preclose, Preclude, Precode, Precognize, Precognosce, Precompose, Precompress, Preconceive, Preconcert, Precondemn, Precondense, Precondition, Preconfigure, Preconform, Preconize, Preconquer, Preconsider, Preconsign, Preconsult, Precontain, Pre-contract, Precontrive, Pre-cook, Pre-cool, Pre-corrupt, Precourse, Precure, Precurse, Pre-cut, Predamn, Predate, Predecease, Predecess, Predeclare, Predecree, Predefine, Predeliberate, Predelineate, Predesign, Predesignate, Predestinate, Predestine, Predetermine, Predevote, Predicate, Predict, Predigest, Prediscover, Predispose, Predistinguish, Predivine, Predominate, Predoom, Pre-drill, Predrink, Pree, Pre-echo, Pre-edit, Pre-elect, Preem, Pre-emphasize, Pre-empt, Preen, Pre-engage, Pre-establish, Pre-estimate, Pre-examine, Pre-exist, Pre-expose, Prefabricate, Preface, Prefade, Prefashion, Prefer, Preferentiate, Prefetch, Prefigurate, Prefigure, Prefire, Prefix, Preflight, Preform, Pregame, Pregerminate, Pregive, Pregnate, Preheat, Prehend, Pre-imagine, Pre-impregnate, Pre-incline, Pre-indicate, Pre-inform, Pre-install, Pre-instruct, Pre-interpret, Pre-intone, Prejudge, Prejudicate, Prejudice, Prelect, Prelimit, Preload, Prelude, Preludize, Pre-make, Premaster, Premedicate, Premeditate, Premention, Premiate, Premiere, Premise, Premiumize, Premix, Premodify, Premonish, Premultiply, Premunize, Prenasalize, Prenominate, Prentice, Preoccupy, Preordain, Pre-order, Pre-ordinate, Prep, Pre-pack, Preparate, Prepare, Prepay, Prepend, Preplace, Pre-plan, Prepolymerize, Preponder, Preponderate, Prepone, Prepose, Prepossess, Pre-prepare, Preprint, Preprocess, Preprogram, Preprogramme, Pre-punch, Pre-qualify, Pre-record, Preregister, Prerequire, Presage, Presanctify, Presbyterianize, Prescind, Pre-score, Prescreen, Prescribe, Presee, Preselect, Pre-sell, Presensitize, Present, Presentiate, Preservatize, Preserve, Preset, Pre-shrink, Preside, Presignify, Presoak, Press, Press Gang, Press-mould, Press-show, Pressure, Pressure-cook, Pressure-feed, Pressure-test, Pressure-treat, Pressurize, Prestress, Prestretch, Presume, Presuppose, Pretape, Pretend, Pretension, Pre-tension, Pretermit, Pretest, Pretrain, Pretreat, Prettify, Pretty, Prettyprint, Pretypify, Pretzel, Prevail, Prevaricate, Prevent, Preview, Previse, Pre-visualize, Prewarn, Pre-wash, Prewire, Prey, Priapize, Price, Price-cut, Price-fix, Prick, Prickle, Prick Something Out, Prick-stitch, Pride, Priest, Prim, Primarize, Prime, Prime-sign, Primitivize, Primp, Principiate, Pringle, Prink, Prinkle, Print, Prioritize, Prise, Prismatize, Prison, Prisonize, Priss, Prittle-prattle, Privatize, Privilege, Prize, Proach, Proact, Pro-and-con, Probabilify, Probabilize, Probablize, Probate, Probe, Problematize, Problemize, Problem-solve, Proceed, Process, Proclaim, Procline, Procrastinate, Procreate, Procrusteanize, Proctor, Procure, Prod, Prodnose, Produce, Productionize, Production-test, Productize, Profanate, Profane, Profanize, Profess, Professionalize, Professionize, Proffer, Profile, Profile-grind, Profit, Profiteer, Profundify, Progenerate, Progeny-test, Prognose, Prognosticate, Prograde, Program, Programme, Progress, Prohibit, Project, Projectile-vomit, Projection-weld, Project-manage, Proke, Prolapse, Proletarianize, Proletarize, Proliferate, Prolificate, Prologize, Prologuize, Prolong, Prolongate, Promenade, Promise, Promote, Prompt, Promulgate, Promulge, Pronate, Prong, Pronk, Pronominalize, Pronounce, Proof, Proofread, Prop, Propagand, Propagandize, Propagate, Propage, Propel, Propend, Prophesize, Prophesy, Prophetize, Propinquate, Propitiate, Propolize, Propone, Proport, Proportion, Propose, Proposition, Propositionize, Propound, Prop Someone/something Up, Propugn, Propulse, Prorate, Prorogate, Prorogue, Proscribe, Prose, Prosect, Prosecute, Proselyte, Proselytize, Prosify, Prospect, Prosper, Prostitute, Prostrate, Protect, Protend, Proteolyse, Protest, Protestantize, Protest-march, Protocolize, Protonate, Prototype, Protract, Protrude, Protuberate, Prove, Provect, Provençalize, Provene, Proverbialize, Provide, Provincialize, Provision, Provocate, Provoke, Prowl, Prune, Prusik, Prussianize, Prussify, Pry

Verbs that start with Ps

Psalmodize, Pseudomorph, Pseudomorphose, Pseudorotate, Pshaw, Psych, Psyche, Psychedelicize, Psychiatrize, Psychoanalyse, Psychologize, Psychometrize, Psych Someone Out

Verbs that start with Pu

Pub, Pub Crawl, Publicate, Publicity-manage, Publicize, Publish, Pub-lunch, Pucker, Puckeroo, Pudder, Puddle, Puddle-jump, Puff, Pug, Puggle, Puke, Pule, Pull, Pull Back (Or Pull Someone/something Back), Pulley, Pull In, Pullmanize, Pull Out, Pull Over, Pull Round, Pull Someone/something In, Pull Someone Over, Pull Someone Up, Pull Something Down, Pull Something Off, Pull-start, Pull Through (Or Pull Someone/something Through), Pullulate, Pull Up, Pulp, Pulpify, Pulpitize, Pulsate, Pulse, Pulse-label, Pultrude, Pulverate, Pulverize, Pumice, Pummel, Pump, Pump-fake, Pumpkinify, Pump-prime, Pump Something In/into, Pump Something Out, Pump Something Up, Pun, Punch, Punch In (Or Out), Punch-pull, Punctuate, Punctulate, Puncture, Pung, Pungle, Punish, Punk, Punt, Punt-kick, Pup, Pupariate, Pupate, Purchase, Puree, Purfle, Purge, Purify, Puritanize, Purl, Purloin, Purple, Purport, Purpose, Purr, Purse, Pursue, Purvey, Push, Push Ahead, Push Along, Push In, Push Off, Push On, Push Process, Push Someone Around (Or About), Push Something Through, Push-start, Push-tow, Pussify, Pussyfoot, Pussy-whip, Pustulate, Put, Put About, Put In, Put Out, Put-put, Putrefact, Putrefy, Put Someone About, Put Someone Away, Put Someone Down, Put Someone Down As, Put Someone Down For, Put Someone Forward, Put Someone Off, Put Someone On, Put Someone On To, Put Someone Out, Put Someone Through, Put Someone To, Put Someone Under, Put Someone Up, Put Someone Up To, Put Something About, Put Something Across, Put Something Aside, Put Something Away, Put Something Back, Put Something By, Put Something Down, Put Something Down To, Put Something Forward, Put Something In/into, Put Something Off, Put Something On, Put Something Out, Put Something Over, Put Something Through, Put Something To, Put Something Together, Put Something Up, Putt, Putter, Putty, Put Up, Put Up With, Putz, Puzzle

Verbs that start with Pw


Verbs that start with Py

Pyramid, Pyramid-sell, Pyritize, Pyrograph, Pyrolyse, Pyrrhonize, Pythagoreanize, Pythagorize


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