Verbs that start with C | Verbs starting with C


Verbs that Start with C

We found 1145 Verbs that start with C.  You can add your own verbs that start with C in the comments box.  If they amaze, they will become part of the list.


Verbs that Start with Ca

Cab, Cabin, Cable, Cache, Cachinnate, Cack, Cackle, Caddie, Caddy, Cadge, Cage, Cajole, Cake, Cakewalk, Calcify, Calcine, Calculate, Calendar, Calendarize, Calender, Calibrate, Call, Callet, Call For, Calligraph, Callithump, Call On, Call Someone/something Down, Call Someone/something Off, Call Someone In, Call Someone Out, Call Someone Up, Call Something Forth, Call Something In, Call Something Off, Call Something Over, Call Something Up, Calm, Calque, Calumniate, Calumny, Calve, Camouflage, Camp, Campaign, Camphorate, Can, Canalize, Cancel, Cancerate, Candle, Candy, Cane, Canker, Canna, Cannibalize, Cannon, Cannonade, Cannulate, Canoe, Canonize, Canoodle, Canopy, Cant, Canter, Cantilever, Cantillate, Canvas, Canvass, Cap, Capacitate, Caparison, Cape, Caper, Capitalize, Capitulate, Caponize, Capot, Capsize, Capsulize, Captain, Caption, Captivate, Capture, Caracole, Caramelize, Carbolize, Carbo-load, Car Bomb, Carbonade, Carbonate, Carbon-date, Carbon–14 Date, Carbonify, Carbonize, Carboxylate, Carburet, Carburize, Card, Card Index, Care, Careen, Career, Caress, Caretake, Caricature, Carjack, Cark, Carol, Carom, Carouse, Carp, Carpenter, Carpet, Carpetbag, Carpet-bomb, Carpool, Carry, Carry On, Carry Over, Carry Someone/something Off, Carry Something Away, Carry Something Forward, Carry Something Off, Carry Something On, Carry Something Out, Carry Something Over, Carry Something Through, Cart, Cartelize, Cartoon, Cartwheel, Carve, Carve Someone Up, Carve Something Out, Carve Something Up, Cascade, Case, Caseate, Case-harden, Casevac, Cash, Cashier, Cash In, Cash Out, Cash Something In, Cash Up, Casserole, Cast, Cast About (Or Around Or Round), Castigate, Castle, Cast Off (Or Cast Something Off), Cast On (Or Cast Something On), Castrate, Cast Someone Off, Cast Something Up, Casualize, Cat, Catabolize, Catalogue, Catalyse, Catapult, Catastrophize, Catcall, Catch, Catch On, Catch Someone Out, Catch Someone Up, Catch Something Up, Catch Up, Catch Up With, Catechize, Categorize, Cater, Caterwaul, Catfish, Catheterize, Catholicize, Catnap, Cat-sit, Cattle-duff, Caucus, Caulk, Cause, Cauterize, Caution, Cave, Cave In, Cave Something In, Cavil, Cavort, Caw

Verbs that Start with Cc


Verbs that Start with Ce

Cease, Cede, Ceil, Celebrate, Cellar, Cellularize, Cellulate, Cement, Cense, Censor, Censure, Centaurize, Centenarize, Centennialize, Centesimate, Centonize, Centralize, Centre, Centre-part, Centrifugalize, Centrifugate, Centrifuge, Centuple, Centuplicate, Centuriate, Cerebrate, Certificate, Certify

Verbs that Start with Ch

Cha-cha, Chack, Chafe, Chaff, Chaffer, Chagrin, Chain, Chain-smoke, Chair, Chalk, Chalk Something Off, Chalk Something Out, Chalk Something Up, Challan, Challenge, Chamber, Chamfer, Champ, Champion, Chance, Change, Change Down, Change Over, Change Up, Channel, Channel-graze, Channel-hop, Channelize, Channel-surf, Chant, Chap, Chaperone, Chaptalize, Char, Character, Character-act, Characterize, Charbroil, Charge, Charge-cap, Charge Sheet, Chargrill, Chariot, Charleston, Charm, Chart, Charter, Charver, Chase, Chassé, Chasten, Chastise, Chat, Chat Someone Up, Chatter, Chauffeur, Chaw, Cheapen, Cheat, Check, Checker, Check In, Check Into, Checkmate, Check On, Check Out, Check Someone/something Out, Check Someone In, Check Something In, Check Something Off, Check Something Over, Check Through, Check Up On, Cheek, Cheep, Cheer, Cheerfulize, Cheerlead, Cheese, Cheesepare, Chef, Chelate, Chemicalize, Chemisorb, Chemolyse, Chemotax, Chequer, Cherish, Cherry-pick, Chest, Chest Bump, Chew, Chew Someone Out, Chew Something Over, Chew Something Up, Chiack, Chib, Chicane, Chicken, Chide, Childmind, Childproof, Chill, Chillax, Chill-cast, Chime, Chime In, Chin, Chine, Chink, Chinwag, Chip, Chip Away At, Chip In (Or Chip Something In), Chirp, Chirr, Chirrup, Chisel, Chit, Chit-chat, Chitter, Chitter-chatter, Chivvy, Chlorinate, Chloroform, Chock, Choke, Chomp, Choof, Choose, Chop, Chord, Choreograph, Chortle, Chorus, Chosen, Chow, Christen, Christianize, Chromakey, Chromium Plate, Chromolithograph, Chronicle, Chuck, Chuckle, Chuck Someone Out, Chuck Up, Chuff, Chuff Off, Chug, Chum, Chumble, Chunder, Chunk, Chunter, Church, Churchify, Churchize, Church-out, Churn, Churn Something Out

Verbs that Start with Ci

Cicatrize, Cinch, Cipher, Circle, Circuit, Circularize, Circulate, Circumambulate, Circumcise, Circumfuse, Circumnavigate, Circumscribe, Circumvallate, Circumvent, Citate, Cite, Citify, Citizenize, Citronize, Civilianize, Civilize

Verbs that Start with Cl

Clabber, Clack, Clacket, Clad, Claim, Claim Something Back, Clam, Clamber, Clamour, Clamp, Clamp Down, Clang, Clank, Clap, Clap Back, Clap Something On, Clarify, Clash, Clasp, Class, Classicalize, Classicize, Classify, Clatter, Claw, Claw Something Back, Clean, Cleanse, Clean Someone Out, Clean Something Out, Clean Something Up, Clean Up, Clear, Clear-cut, Clear Off (Or Out), Clear Something Out, Clear Something Up, Clear Up, Cleave, Cleft, Clench, Clepe, Clerk, Clew, Click, Click-and-drag, Click-clack, Clicket, Clickety-click, Cliff Dive, Cliff-hang, Clifty, Climatize, Climax, Climb, Climb Down, Clinch, Cling, Clink, Clip, Clip-clop, Cliticize, Clitter, Cloak, Clobber, Clock, Clock In, Clock Out, Clock-watch, Clog, Cloister, Clomp, Clone, Clonk, Clop, Close, Close-caption, Closed Caption, Close Down (Or Close Something Down), Close In, Close Reach, Close Something Out, Closet, Close Up, Close With, Closure, Clot, Clothe, Clothes Line, Cloud, Clout, Cloven, Clown, Cloy, Club, Club-hop, Cluck, Clue, Clump, Clunk, Cluster, Clutch, Clutter, Clype

Verbs that Start with Co

Coach, Coagulate, Coal, Coalesce, Coalify, Coalite, Coalize, Coarct, Coarsen, Coast, Coat, Co-author, Coax, Cobble, Co-brand, Co-chair, Cock, Cock-block, Cockle, Cocoon, Cod, Coddle, Code, Code-share, Code-switch, Codify, Coerce, Co-evolve, Coexist, Coffin, Co-found, Cog, Cogitate, Cognize, Cohabit, Cohere, Co-host, Coif, Coil, Coin, Coincide, Coke, Cold-call, Cold-cock, Cold Shoulder, Cold Start, Cold-weld, Cold-work, Collab, Collaborate, Collapse, Collar, Collate, Collateralize, Collect, Collectivize, Collide, Colligate, Collimate, Collocate, Collogue, Collude, Co-locate, Colonize, Colorate, Colossalize, Colour, Colour Code, Colour-coordinate, Colourize, Colour-match, Colour-ring, Colour-treat, Colour Wash, Comb, Combat, Combine, Combust, Come, Come About, Come Across, Come Along, Come Amid, Come At, Come Away, Come Back, Come Before, Come Between, Come By, Comedize, Come Down, Come Down On, Come Down To, Come Down With, Come For, Come Forward, Come From, Come In, Come In For, Come Into, Come Of, Come Off, Come On, Come On To, Come Out, Come Out In, Come Out With, Come Over, Come Round, Come Through, Come To, Come Under, Come Up, Come Up Against, Come Upon, Come Up With, Comfort, Comigrate, Command, Commandeer, Commemorate, Commence, Commend, Comment, Commentate, Commercialize, Commingle, Commiserate, Commission, Commissionize, Commit, Commix, Commodify, Commoditize, Communalize, Commune, Communicate, Communize, Commutate, Commute, Comp, Compact, Compand, Companion, Companionize, Companion-plant, Company, Compare, Comparison-shop, Compartment, Compartmentalize, Compass, Compère, Compel, Compensate, Compete, Compile, Complain, Compleat, Complement, Complete, Complex, Complicate, Compliment, Comply, Componentize, Comport, Compose, Composite, Compost, Compound, Comprehend, Compress, Comprise, Compromise, Computate, Compute, Computerize, Computer-process, Con, Concatenate, Conceal, Concede, Conceive, Concelebrate, Concentrate, Concentre, Conceptualize, Concern, Concert, Concertina, Concertize, Conciliate, Conclude, Concoct, Concordance, Concrete, Concretize, Concur, Concuss, Condemn, Condense, Condescend, Condition, Condole, Condone, Conduce, Conduct, Cone, Confab, Confabulate, Confect, Confederate, Confer, Conference, Confess, Confide, Configure, Confine, Confirm, Confiscate, Conflab, Conflate, Conflict, Conform, Confound, Confront, Confuse, Confusticate, Confute, Conga, Congeal, Congest, Conglobulate, Conglomerate, Congratulate, Congregate, Congregationalize, Conjecture, Conjoin, Conjugate, Conjure, Conk, Connect, Connive, Connote, Conquer, Conscientize, Conscribe, Conscript, Consecrate, Consent, Conservate, Conservatize, Conserve, Consider, Consign, Consist, Console, Consolidate, Consort, Conspire, Constellate, Consternate, Constipate, Constitute, Constitutionalize, Constrain, Constrict, Construct, Construe, Consult, Consume, Consummate, Contact, Contact Print, Contain, Containerize, Contaminate, Contemn, Contemplate, Contend, Content, Contest, Contextualize, Continue, Contort, Contour, Contract, Contractorize, Contradict, Contradistinguish, Contraindicate, Contrast, Contravene, Contribute, Contrive, Control, Controverse, Controvert, Contuse, Convalesce, Convect, Convene, Conventionalize, Converge, Conversate, Converse, Convert, Convey, Convict, Convince, Convoke, Convolute, Convolve, Convoy, Convulse, Coo, Co-occur, Cooee, Cook, Cook Something Up, Cool, Coop, Cooper, Cooperate, Co-opt, Coordinate, Co-own, Cop, Co-parent, Cope, Co-pilot, Cop Off, Copolymerize, Cop On, Cop Out, Copper, Copper-fasten, Coppice, Co-precipitate, Co-produce, Cop To, Copulate, Copy, Copy-edit, Copyread, Copyright, Copy Type, Coquet, Corbel, Cord, Cordon, Corduroy, Core, Cork, Corkscrew, Corner, Cornhole, Corporatize, Corpse, Corral, Correct, Correlate, Correspond, Corroborate, Corrode, Corrugate, Corrupt, Coruscate, Cosh, Co-sign, Co-sleep, Cosmopolitanize, Cosplay, Cosset, Cost, Cost-account, Co-star, Costean, Costume, Cosy, Cotch, Cottage, Cotton, Couch, Couch-surf, Cough, Cough Something Up (Or Cough Up), Could, Counsel, Count, Countenance, Counter, Counteract, Counter-attack, Counterbalance, Counterbore, Counterchange, Countercheck, Counterclaim, Counterfeit, Countermand, Countermarch, Countermine, Counterplot, Counterpoint, Counterpoise, Counterpose, Counterpunch, Counterrotate, Countersign, Countersink, Counterstain, Counterstrike, Countervail, Counterweigh, Count On/upon, Countrify, Count Someone In, Count Someone Out, Count Something Out, Couple, Coupon, Courier, Course, Court, Court Martial, Cove, Covenant, Cover, Cover Something Up, Covet, Cow, Cowboy, Cowboy Up, Cower, Cowp, Co-write, Cox, Cozen, Cozey up

Verbs that Start with Cr

Crab, Crab-walk, Crack, Crack Down On, Crackle, Crack On, Crack On To, Crack Up, Cradle, Craft, Cram, Cramp, Crane, Crank, Crap, Crash, Crash Diet, Crash-dive, Crash-land, Crash-test, Crate, Crater, Crave, Crawfish, Crawl, Crayon, Craze, Creak, Cream, Cream Something Off, Crease, Create, Creaturize, Credential, Credibilize, Credit, Credit-squeeze, Creep, Creep Someone Out, Creep To, Cremate, Crenellate, Creolize, Creosote, Crepitate, Crescendo, Crest, Cretinize, Crew, Crib, Crick, Crick-crack, Crickle, Crime, Criminalize, Criminate, Crimp, Crimple, Crimson, Crinch, Crine, Cringe, Crink, Crinkle, Cripple, Crisp, Criss-cross, Criticize, Critique, Croak, Crochet, Crock, Croft, Crook, Croon, Crop, Crop Out, Crop Up, Croquet, Cross, Cross-breed, Cross-check, Cross-contaminate, Cross-correlate, Cross-cut, Cross-dress, Cross-examine, Cross-fade, Cross-fertilize, Cross-hatch, Cross Index, Cross Lease, Cross-license, Cross Link, Crossmatch, Cross-pollinate, Cross-post, Cross-pressure, Cross-promote, Cross-question, Cross-react, Cross-refer, Cross Reference, Cross-ruff, Cross Section, Cross-sell, Cross-step, Cross-stitch, Cross-subsidize, Cross-train, Crouch, Crow, Crowbar, Crowd, Crowdfund, Crowdsource, Crowd-surf, Crown, Crucify, Cruel, Cruise, Crumb, Crumble, Crump, Crumple, Crunch, Crusade, Crush, Crush On, Crust, Cry, Cry Off, Cryofracture, Cryopreserve, Cryoprotect, Cryosection, Cry Out For, Cry Someone/something Up, Crystal-gaze, Crystallize

Verbs that Start with Cu

Cub, Cube, Cuckold, Cuddle, Cudgel, Cue, Cuff, Cull, Culminate, Cultivate, Culturalize, Culture, Culvert, Cum, Cumber, Cumulate, Cunnilingue, Cup, Cupel, Curate, Curb, Curdle, Cure, Curette, Curl, Curry, Curse, Curtail, Curtain, Curtsy, Curve, Curvet, Cushion, Cuss, Custom-build, Customize, Custom-make, Cut, Cut And Paste, Cut In, Cut Into, Cut off, Cut Out, Cut Someone In, Cut Someone Off, Cut Someone Out, Cut Someone Up, Cut Something Off, Cut Up.

Verbs that Start with Cy

Cybercast, Cybernate, Cybersquat, Cybersurf, Cycle, Cyclize, Cyclostyle, Cytocentrifuge


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